High Sec Operations

My Main has been in all areas of space, NPC and Sov Null, Wormholes, Low Sec and interim periods in high sec. All of them Pi** me off in one form or another.

I wonder if there are any corps in high sec that do an anti-ganker, anti-griefing, wardeccing kind of role but are not mercenaries? is that a thing?

Generally I think anti gank pre wardec mechanic change has been from NPC corporations as it stopped a preemptive wardec being dropped on them. This may shift now as there are a few chars in their 1 man corporations maybe going out in their ships to annoy more knowing that the threat is not to get a wardec. I will be skilling into disruption tactics with another char as well for this reason.

Sorry Shade, I don’t follow your answer in relation to my query.

Corps wanting to avoid a dec will not have structures themselves. But wardeccers and griefers are still about. are there corps that target them but are not mercenaries, ie they are not paid to do so. But they do it as that is theier style of gameplay.

For example Code are griefers, are there corps that wardec code

Last time I checked they had active wardecs and you can join them. What I was talking about there are a few people that use kitsunes or ECM ships so when they went suspect it broke lock ruining their Time to kill before concord shows up. Most players that did this where in NPC corporations to avoid being decced for griefing the griefers. Now with changes it is no longer required to be in a NPC Corp to do that and be safe of wardecs.

So there may arise corps now that counter griefers with those tactics openly but can not be decced if they do not own structures.

There are some, depending on your preferred empire. I would recommend joining one of the Electus Matari corps. They don’t go out specifically and harass griefers, but they do often stand up to griefers, particularly rent kings. And ganking corps love to wardec them and lose.

They’re a RP alliance, but most of the corps don’t require players to RP if that’s not your thing.

There are similar corps on the Amarr side too, maybe CVA or LUMEN. Can’t really think of any operating in Gallente or Caldari space, sorry.

Do consider EM, though. Let me know if you want an invite.

@Shade_Dealer - I get what you mean now.

@Melisma_Ramijozana - Do you have any more information on EM? I am in a WH corp at the moment but shoudl this not work out It would be nice to have options. ive 6 toons in all most of them PI monkeys and 1 main PVP player

For sure. Here’s their website: https://electusmatari.com/

They’re all mainly PVP, but my main is in Gradient and does PI and PVP. Cretus is probably the corp where you’d get to do the most shooting, but all of the corps work together and the lines get very blurred anyway. Mostly live in highsec, but there are a few WHers too.

I can’t remember the ingame chat channel exactly, will check next time I log in.

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