Wardec Change Ideas


I read in a blog about the CSM minutes that it was discussed how the wardec system causes a drop in the defending corps activity that lasts even after the war. It is then said that the wardec system might be worth changing or removing. It’s more likely I’ve been fooled by the EVE version of “fake news.” I doubt that CCP is only now discovering or taking issue with how wardecs affect corporations.

For the sake of discussion and provoking thought, is there a better way? Can the problem be the solution?

First, what is the problem?

Wardecs are non-consensual PVP - Nope, that’s EVE.
Wardecs allow others to destroy what you’ve built - Nope, that’s a sandbox game, sandcastles get kicked.
Wardecs allow experienced players to harvest new players - Nope, never seen a fair fight in EVE.
Wardecs cause active subscribing players to be less active and unsub - YES, this is the problem!

Can the problem be the solution?

Here’s my idea:

What if a wardec’d corp could request concord protection? Protection would be earned by being active, (and staying subscribed.) Concord could give the corp daily assignments/jobs to earn protection. It could be weighted, different levels of PVE/Mining/???. The difficulty of the tasks could be based on how many pilots are in your corp, how many citadels you have, and some way of measuring the combined experience of the corp, (possibly SP or omega months?)
If your corp can’t muster up enough active members to work together and earn protection; the Wardeccers get to feast, (keeping their playstyle alive.)
If you have a ton of inactive members…better cut them.
Of course, you could just not request protection and take your chances…free PVP!

Any other good ideas out there?

Fly fun!

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