Personal Wardecs

It has been a long time since I have seen anything mentioned about something resembling a “personal” wardec, so here’s what I have been thinking:

What I would like to see would be the ability to wardec an individual, as an individual. A 1v1 style wardec system with some concessions made for target players who are in player corps as opposed to those who hide in an NPC corp. No spamdeccing every player in game. Have maybe 2 maximum Personal wardecs available to each pilot, and no pilot could have more than 1 wardec active on him at one time, and shorter overall dec times.

No allies are able to join on either side, but if the target is in a player corp his corpies can help out, but only after aggression by the deccer. If the decced party was in a player corp that had ‘friendly fire’ legal, that player could then have his corpmates help him without being decced themselves. (But only in a player corp with friendly fire legal) However, if the target player is hiding in an NPC corp then that player is penalized by having no allies. The target player could be allowed to hire help, but only if he joins a player corp with friendly fire legal. With maybe a time penalty to being able to leave that corp.

If corpies do join in the fray then maybe set them suspect to anyone in the wardeccer’s corp, but only if the deccer’s corp has friendly fire legal. There could be penalties such as higher dec fees and such.

No large lead times, 24 hours is way to long, maximum wait to start hostilities should not be more than 2 hours. With a 48 hour limit for fighting per wardec. Maybe even a cool down period where the deccer cannot redec the dec-ee for 1 or 2 weeks even.

I don’t see how it could possibly be abused, in a PVP sandbox game. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It would be abused .000001 seconds after it was implemented.

Gankers would personally wardec every freighter pilot they’ve ever seen on ZKill and legally kill each and every freighter leaving Jita, Uedama, and Niarja with zero Concord intervention.

I would also have one of my alts permanently war dec me so no one else could…


Never liked personal wardec idea. Would rather keep it as a corp v corp thing. But make corps more meaningful, and corp hopping less free.


48 hour wardecs with a 2 week immunity, you gonna need a lot of alts.

Also queued wardecs.


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Something agreeable from QuakeGod, how peculiar. You are absolutely right.

Mark Hamill’s (yes, that one) Joker was the best joker.
His laugh was abso-■■■■■■■-lutely amazing!

What’s an alpha?

They’d rather improve the bounty system, if enough players in the game hate you, you should be public enemy and fair target.

We could make the personal wardec omega only, alphas may only be the targets. Probably not the best solution though.

It also doesn’t really solve the problem. People have copious omega alts.

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