Upcoming changes to wardec

First of all, this is written from a forum alt because of all the flaming and harrasment a post like this usually causes.
So go ahead and call me whatever you want, wait for me outside station in Todaki, I really don’t care.

The upcoming changes to wardec, like the current wardec system, is just so unevenly ballanced.

I have 5 industrial accounts and 1 athanor, wanting to expand with a few more athanors.
My EVE is mining and planetary production.
Eve Online is the best and only space game worth playing, and I have some 35 years of playtime in total on my 5 accounts … all in hi-sec.

I don’t ever play PvP. I don’t have the skills (neither in EVE, nor in my head), I don’t have the equipment, ships and what not, and have no idea on how to fit for PvP.

I have for the last few month been target for several what I call “harrasment wardecs”, disrupting my eve play style, and making eve not fun to play at all. Most of the avaliable time, I don’t login at all, or I leave my own corp, just to “be allowed” to play.
So in reality, I pay a lot of money for not playing and not having fun.
“Harrasment wardecs”, just because I was mining in a belt someone think is his. “harrasment” because none of the wardecs have resulted in any shooting (like 97% of the wars from the corp in question) … but I can’t be sure until it is declared invalid after a week, and I have lost a week of playtime and fun.

And here is the issue … I don’t want to PvP, but I am FORCED to do it, or stay offline.
And don’t give me the usual blah blah; Move to another system, join an npc corp, eve is a pvp game … and so on.
Why should I not be allowed to play EVE the way I like ?

Being an industrialist is being a sitting duck for players too chicken to join the real pvp fights in low-sec and null-sec.
Yes, thoes players caliming to be pvp players just want easy targets which can’t shoot back - cowards, chicken… cowards !!!

And what I think is the worst part - CCP encurages it by constantly making the game worse and worse for the industrialists.
I quit the game in 2015 for 3 years because of that, but came back this summer to my favorite MMO to see how it was doing.

In the early days of eve, Hi-Sec was acceptable peacefull.
Nowadays, I check a lot character sheets whenever I see a player entering the system I’m in, playing in constant state of fear of “annoying” someone and being wardecked and/or ganked.
When checking character sheets, it is quite remarkable how many 1 or 2 player corps there are. There are loads of small corps with 10 or less players. Everybody wants the benefit of having a corp of his or her own - I think it is so great … but apparently this is not what CCP wants.

Now with the upcomming changes to wardec, industrialist are once again the target of CCP’s fanatism to MAKE SURE every corp is FORCED to play PVP, and mining is destroyed once and for all in Hi-Sec.
If I wanted to play PVP, I would join null-sec.
Having an athanor will make me a bit fat target, even more than now, and this time, the new wardec system will FORCE me to pvp … and (not or), and be destroyed from the game. If I’m lucky, I will find myself flying 5 Ibis with a mining laser.
Can’t “sit it out” anymore, and no leaving the corp … I must be destroyed.

“Well if you are so dissatisfied, why dont you just quit” … yes that may very well be the result.
But I would much prefer if we ALL could play this fantastic game.
MMO is not equal to PvP. Lots of players enjoys flying around alone in their 1 man corp having their EVE, with 30K other players.
Looking back thru the years, there used to be 40K - 50K or more players online at a daily basis - that number has decreesed considerably to around 30-32K now. Something tells me that lots of players love EVE but really don’t want PVP forced upon them. When ever CCP made changes towards more pvp, players left the game.

I don’t want to play PvP, some wants to play PvP, so my suggestion is quite simple:

  1. Allow corps and players whom don’t want PvP to OPT OUT (like other MMO’s do, WOW, ESO for examble).
  2. Encurage players who wants to play PvP, to move into and join Low-sec / Null-Sec wars.

In short, make eve a game for ALL.

Fly Safe and enjoy your eve.


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