Game suggestions, mission system overhaul, newbro retention

Hey CCP, I see you are asking about suggestions to the new wardec system. Being an older eve player I have a lot to say on this subject, so this will be a long post, as there is a lot of ground to cover. I have posted this sort of stuff before, only to be shot down in flames by the l337 null players who think this game should only be played in null sec, and that high sec should never have existed. The problem with people who think this way is that they want the game to be theirs, to be run their way, with never having footed the bill for installing millions of dollars worth of hardware, paying the utilities, the cost of keeping the building maintained, and generally running a real life company that is able to stay afloat.

So I will start this subject with a look at who plays MMO’s in general and what type of experience they are looking for:

Carebears - Those who want to play an MMO in a reletively safe environment, build up their toon, get the big stuff, do endgame PVE content, raid with their friends, have a good time, burn ■■■■ down, laugh and drink and eat and be merry in the halls of Valhalla, slapping their brothers shoulders and telling stories of war
These guys make up about 90% of the overall gaming community and about 5% of the EVE community

Psychopaths - People who live to make your life hell, these guys don’t care about the actual game content. They only care about ruining your day and making the game not fun for you. These guys will call for changes that makes it hard for people to grind their way through the content of a game. They live to make you quit the MMO of your choice. They feel the game belongs to them, and any change that is offered that makes it easy for the other gaming group is met with flaming hostility. If they don’t feel the game belongs to them then they will do everything in their power to make everyone else hate the game and quit, so the game actually ends up having to shut down.
These guys make up about 10% of the gaming community and about 95% of EVE’s playerbase.

Once upon a time, EVE was doing heavy marketing and a LOT of people were playing this game. We are talking about paying subscribers, not this alpha crap. The most I ever saw online at one single time was 67,000 players. And CCP was saying “this is just the beginning”. But the game fell short, and most of those people left the game, and took their money with them, despite my calls for changes on these forums. Even I have left this game and come back to it far too many times to count, mostly because of the community and the insane mechanics behind EVE that makes it hard for the vast majority of gamers to like EVE and want to stick around. And one of those mechanics was the war dec system.

Everyone wants to think of EVE as the king of the MMO world. EVE is really a different game than any other out there. There have been wannabe games that are based on a similar structure, like Perpetuum, which IMO was a massive failure. It just wasn’t EVE. The only game out there that does what EVE does is, well, EVE. And that is the lure to this game. There is no other MMO out there that even comes near the complexity and richness of this game. There is a lot to offer here and every new player coming to this game has visions of running a doomsday fleet, facerolling everything in its path. But EVE has its shortcomings. And those are seen in the form of player on player interaction. Notice I did not say player vs player. Because there are many ways for players to interact with eachother in all MMO’s, but especially EVE, that don’t necessitate firing shots at someone. You can still loose it all in this game without ever having engaged in combat. Hell, I know it happened to me, I fell for a scam.

So getting back on track here, what happened to this game? Why is there only about 5-10,000 players at their keyboard at any one time, with about 20,000 alts? How much subscription money is really rolling in? I’m going on a limb here and saying, probably not much. And this was my warning to CCP for so many years. You want to allow these gankers to rule the game? Well you are going to loose the majority of your player base. And that’s exactly what happened. EVE should have half a million players in it at any given time by now, this 20 years later since its alpha release. But instead of growing, you are shrinking, to the point where you now have to offer alpha accounts, and give those alpha players disgusting boosts to what they can do, like flying all the way up to battlecruiser, allowing battleships, they can even pilot faction battleships now and use some T2 modules. I understand what you are trying to do here, but I’m here to tell you, what you are doing is wrong. Please let me be the voice of reason on this matter. My rediculous IQ is going to be burnt here just trying to get this out to you, one last time, before this game finally dies. I really don’t want to see EVE die. And there’s still time to save it. But it’s going to take some overhauls. Are you ready?

First I would like to thank you for the changes to the wardec system. This is a change that was needed 15 years ago. It’s impossible to grow a high sec corp when you are the constant target of large PVP corps out there that are specifically built to slaughter the carebears. People would argue that that’s the nature of EVE, and while I would not disagree with that sentiment, I feel it’s time for the nature of EVE to change, because the model is not working, and you are unable to retain most newbies who come to the game. So the change you made to the wardec system is a Godsend. Thank you.

Keeping in mind that 90% of gamers want to play an MMO, not drop into an alternate reality called EVE, there is more you need to do. You want people to come to this game, do their usual MMO thing, and actually stay with the game. The big changes have mostly been made to how Null sec works, with large corps running battlestars and heading up their fleet of capital ships. This is all really great and I do feel that this stuff should stay down in nullsec where it belongs. But you need to make some big changes to high sec, and how engaging in PVE content works, and I feel that the PVE guys have been left in the dust for far too many years. High sec and the PVE system was put in place, reluctantly and begrugingly, by the old devs of CCP, as a bandaid to try to cater to the more carebear types of players, and at the high protest of the psychopath player types. And it’s obvious the care, attention and detail was put into developing the game to cater to the experiences of the Null guys. I am glad that nullsec players have a smooth and streamlined experience. But it’s wrong to want to push people down there to see the big stuff happen. It’s a dangerous life down there, and honestly, with my 3 stints of being down there, found it incredibly boring.

The general breakdown of high sec PVE content is as follows:

  • Scanning/Anomalies
  • Missions
  • Epic Arcs
  • Incursions
  • Events
  • Abyssal

This doesn’t look like a lot but actually, there is a lot here. The system is deep and you can be lost in any of these categories for hours. But what is the main thing people do? When people come to eve, and they want to MMO, what do they go for? Most go for scanning and missions. And then are soon pushed to run incursions. It’s not that these things push people away from the game. I mean content is content. But it’s how this stuff is all set up, and the weird, convoluted way players engage in this content, that’s the problem. For newbies it’s confusing and overwhelming, and then you have 95% of the EVE community trying to convince them to join their ranks and become gankers and “get rich” ganking the miners.

So my main suggestion here is going to revolve around the mission system, and to plead with you guys to give some things back to the carebears that used to be good in this game. With the changes to how war decs work, players can now live in High sec, reletively worry free (aside from gankers), doing their thing. This means that the MMO players can do what they want to do, which is play an MMO, and grind their way up. And honestly, despite the hatred I will receive from the PVP/Null guys, this is a GOOD THING. Because like I said, most people don’t want to come to EVE and become some large gang cannon fodder and call it fun.

With the new wardec mechanics, it’s time to look at your missioning system. Missions are extremely boring, grindy and repetative. They are fun for a while, and good to get new players how to learn combat. But they are slow going, and weird, and don’t really work the way they should. In the old days, there used to be an agent quality system. You would start off by running for low quality agents and end up running high quality agents. The system was a little broken and I’m glad it’s gone, but a massive blow was suffered to the missioning system when something better was not put in its place. Instead, all agents became the same, dull, boring mission givers as every other agent. It’s draining to think of how dull and bleak missioning can be. Missions need to be broken up into several categories, with the players being offered the choice of what they want to run.

-Anom (burner) missions
-Crappy, low yield, garbage, filler missions
-Decent missions with a balance of reward/salvage
-Insane missions that should be run with an overpowered ship for the mission level
-Faction missions

The changes I propose are this (each point will be explained in detail):

  1. Introduce a new missioning UI
  2. Allow the players to choose the difficulty of missions offered (within each level)
  3. Separate anom burners into their own category
  4. Separate the faction missions and make them optional
  5. Eliminate the standing detriment for cashing in faction storyline offers
  6. Bring back high yield mission loot
  7. Introduce benefits for getting standings up for a given NPC corp
  8. Introduce a player corp finding system that allows players to browse high sec mission corps

The details:

  1. This new UI work work like this. The player opens up the mission agent UI. They are met with 4 options, one option for each faction. The player chooses Caldari. The next step asks the player whether they want distribution or security missions. The player chooses security. The system rounds up all of the corps within caldari state and shows the player all of the NPC corps as a list. This will come with the update to the corp benefit system. That will be explained in detail later, but the player looks at their options and chooses Caldari Navy. The UI filters out everything and shows the player the security agents for Caldari Navy. The player chooses L1 agents and the system allows the player to talk to these agents and set a destination to the station the agent resides in. This UI will allow new players to quickly see what they can do as far as missions goes, instead of the player having to ask the community how agents work.

2, 3 & 4) So carrying on here, let’s focus on an L4 running player. The player opens up their missioning UI, selects the agent they want, and goes to that station. Once there, they can talk to the agent and a new window pops up. Instead of the usual “hi I am bla bla bla” and “request mission” at the bottom, the player is greeted with an options window. This window allows the player to select their preference of mission difficulty. Some people just aren’t ready to run L4 “The Blockade”, so they choose the medium difficulty missions from the new “Agent UI” window. The window would look something like this:

Anomic missions - [ Run Now ]
Faction Missions (Warning: For Faction Warefare Players) - [ Run Now ]
Level 4 Standard: Easy - [ Run Now ]
Level 4 Standard: Medium - [ Run Now ]
Level 4 Standard: Difficult - [ Run Now ]

Clicking on any of the Run Now buttons will cause the agent to deliver a mission based on the players preference. For example, I am flying a Paladin and so I can run the hardest of L4’s by myself. I would live off the Difficult L4 standards.

  1. Eliminate the standings detriment for cashing in faction storylines. This is important. Leave faction warefare to the guys who WANT faction warefare. Destroying someones standings for running missions sucks. There’s absolutely no reason to do this. This causes newbies to loose standings enough that they start getting shot at in say, Gallente space, for running missions for Caldari Navy. Enough of this stuff already. Pack this stuff in to the running of faction related missions, in their own category, with their own storyline missions. You run standard L4 missions then you get the standard storylines, with no detriment to your standings. If you WANT faction warefare, then running faction specific missions is a great way to get there, and would come with its own storylines for you to cash in. Please do this and get rid of the detriment to all storyline cashins.

  2. Back in the day it used to be where you could pull in what they called Drone Poo, which was great for breaking down and building items from. The salvage in L4’s is lackluster at best and is barely even worth building a noctis for. If you blow up a control tower you should get some sort of low level loot, like an implant or something. Make the missions more interesting, where killing all the NPC’s off and blowing up the structure might actually yield something. The only mission I know of that has the potential for dropping anything at all is Kruul’s implant. I think the mission is called Downing the Slavers. Please make mission loot profitable. This also helps newbies get on their feet by allowing them to keep salvage and loot during fleet operations.

  3. Getting your standings up for an NPC corp should come with benefits. If the player corp you are involved with has a standings of say, higher than 5.0 overall with a particular NPC corp, then there should be benefits involved. You are, afterall, working on behalf of that NPC corp, killing their enemies, protecting their assets, etc. The benefit should be an increase in isk per mission cashin, and bonuses to NPC bounty. If you have a personal standing of 8 or higher towards the corp, you should get your own personal benefits as well. Currently the corp benefits rest on the manufacturing aspect. If you have good standings with a corp it’s slightly cheaper for you to manufacture things. Which does absolutely nothing for a PVE corp that’s looking for combat players. It’s kindof a slap in the face to mission runners.

  4. To help the vast majority of new players who come to this game and want to engage in PVE content, it would be helpful for them to be able to find player corps quickly who are immune to wardec and who are into PVE content. This system should be based on faction standings overall, the higher your standings, the higher you are on the list. Of course, bringing in newbies will reduce the overall standings for the corp, so this would self regulate by notching down larger corps and notching up smaller corps, until they recruit too many people and their standings go down overall, and they get kicked further down the list. Any high sec corp should be immune to the notching down until they have say 10 - 15 players, then at that point their standings comes into effect. This UI should be pointed towards during the new player experience, as well as the agent finder UI. The corp finder window would help greatly with high sec PVE corps getting off the ground, and to encourage people to find corps that are running PVE content and get them into the EVE experience faster.

I have many more ideas but this is overall the end of my suggestions for improving the missioning system in this game. I can already see the arguments against all this coming in, the main one being that mission runners would make too much money and not ever want to go to null sec to experience the big stuff. Well let me tell you this is 100% false and it’s not based on any facts or studies. Don’t let the opinions of large null sec guys sway how this game is run. EVE is in trouble and it’s because of these unfounded opinions and the rabid fascination of the Dev’s to turn every eve player into the psychopath type, is the reason EVE is in trouble. This alpha crap is a last ditch attempt to keep this game saved and to try to lure in new players in the HOPES they will actually subscribe and/or buy plex. Well it’s not working, and the more crap you offer to the alpha guys the less meaningful this game is. It’s time for a change and I will close this post by offering some numbers:

Average mission income per HOUR: 20 - 25 mil (this is the norm for running L4’s)
Low mission income per hour: 10 mil
High mission income per hour: 50-60 mil

Vanguard incursion rates: ~110 mil per hour
HQ incursion rates: ~200 mil per hour (250 if your fleet is good)

Null sec anomaly grinding:
Low - 30 mil per hour (this is using a VNI)
Mid - 60 mil per hour (this is using a marauder)
High - 200 mil per hour (this is using a supercap)

Now let me assure you, that the high income rate for missions does not even come close to comparing to the mid income rates for null sec anomaly grinding. This is because the rate of income for high mission is not consistent. A LOT of times you are only making that 10 mil per hour because you get a bad run of missions that pay next to nothing. Or you have to sit there asking the agent for mission after mission and you are wasting your time turning down and requesting missions. Or you get a faction mission that you have to turn down and now you have to wait 4 hours to turn the next one down because you got another faction mission. The mission system is broken, PVE corps are having a hell of a time trying to retain their players. This game desparately needs to streamline how missions are run, how loot is given, the benefits of running a high sec corp need to looked at seriously.

In short, CCP, it’s time to start showing some carebears some love because well, honestly, if carebears were the backbone of EVE, then you would have all the money you could ask for to do things like upgrade your building, build new offices, upgrade your computers, PAY YOUR DEVS MORE, and so on. But no, your “let’s cater to the null guys” is failing. So here we have this garbage alpha account thing, since you know, you pushed away over a hundred thousand paying subscribers with your broken high sec stuff, and wanting and dreaming and therefore forcing guys into nullsec, making them leave the game and saying “that eve is just a spreadsheet simulator and I did nothing but loose my stuff”. Instead you will have people saying “that eve is the best damn MMO out there and hey, why don’t you try it?”. It’s time to abandon the dream that the entire game should be null sec and anything can happen anywhere. Because that would be catering to a very small portion of the gaming market. And I want to see EVE succeed, and well it has, sortof. But some changes have also had to be made, whether it’s cutting corners, laying people off, sitting on top of hardware you can’t use, selling the company to an investor, so on. I’m telling you why this stuff is happening. It’s because like I said, 90% of gamers don’t want to live the null life. So seriously, let’s get SERIOUSLY focused on how the high sec stuff works. Most players want to build up to the PVP thing, not jump straight into it. I hope I’m getting through to you, and to the haters that I know for sure 100% will try to burn this post down, well thanks for wasting your time reading and haha, feed me your tears. The numbers don’t lie. EVE is in trouble. And it’s time to stop listening to the naysayers and wanting to force people into doing something they don’t want to do. I will say it one last time, if the 15 times I said it before wasn’t enough. STOP CATERING TO NULL SEC and IMPROVE the HIGH SEC EXPERIENCE. Thanks.




Wall of text diagnosis complete.

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Turbocrabbing is making it all look bleak tho.


omg I can see that a ton of time was put into that but my razor thin attention span didn’t hold haha

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Sorry guys my OP’s are usually huge long ones. I’ve had this stuff on my chest for years. yeah it’s long but this is mostly aimed at CCP directly. Changes need to be made…

Am I safe to assume that the minmatar government paid for that wall of text? :slight_smile:


No. It reads as “i want to have more ISK in HS for my missions”

No. It reads as “i want to have more ISK in HS for my missions”. Declining burner missions is free anyway if you are so worried about newbros.

No. If you dont like missions vs major factions - decline them.

Derived standings are there to emphasize “live world”. Learn to manage them.

No. On contrary (all, includign faction, deadspace and officer) rats should stop dropping complete modules and instead provide their “broken” variants. To repair “broken” variant you need a T1 module of the same type. That would boost T1 production immensely (something newbros can do).

You already get access to higher level agents, lower broker’s and station services fees.

Pretty sure there is such filter already in corp finder.


95% of statistics are made up. 70% of them are made up on the spot.


Yes. I want to make more money in high sec. And would that be such a bad thing? A run of bad missions I only make 10 mil an hour. Considering how expensive everything is these days, would it be so bad to allow mission runners who run 2 bil ships to make a solid 50 mil an hour? The mission system has been the same since it was introduced, when a battleship cost anywhere from 50 - 75 mil. Now those same battleships are quadrouple the price. The cost of plex when it was introduced was anywhere from 450 - 500 mil. Now a month of plex is 1.5 bil. Take carrier ratting. You can supercap rat in null sec and earn 200 mil. That’s a FAR cry from being able to average 50 mil an hour for missions. And don’t forget, when fleeted your money is split. Which can be a detriment when you are flying with newbies.

We are talking about player retention here. I’ve seen dozens upon dozens of people leave this game because of a wardec. People who were able to pay the subscription fee. EVE needs hard money. Not ISK. The real world doesn’t operate on ISK. It operates on $$$. The statistics come from 30 years of gaming, 13 years of playing eve, seeing people come and go, and knowing what gamers want. The fact is, there are a lot of people coming to play this game and do the PVE content to get their toon built up. By pushing these people into the PVP life you are making a lot of them run away from the game. The alpha benefits are getting bad, and I fear they will soon introduce loot boxes.

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yes, it would make everything even more expensive. Reducing ISK faucets is something i can agree with like removing free ship insurance, if newbro finds themselves without funds - they can always do Project Discovery for 10-15 minutes to get themselves a venture, then mine and do PD at same time a get a new ship with fit in an hour or two.
Suggesting to increase ISK mass in the game is inherently a bad suggestion.

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I highly doubt that. It’s the big time station traders that set the prices on everything. I have seen blogs and youtube videos about the market rigging going on. You think making slightly more isk in high sec is going to drive the market to insane prices? LOL

But the increase in ISK came out for nullsec guys by introducing anomalies. I mean, before they had belt ratting and that was some solid isk. Now it’s anomalies and you can do them in a damn vexor and make 5x more than you could if you got stuck against a bad run of missions. The faction missions should be optional. I stand behind my OP and I say it’s time to overhaul the mission system and make it par with everything else in this game. The missioning is abysmal and the only real option for high sec PVE is incursions, which gets annoying after a while. Meanwhile, you can SOLO even better money in null. I’m not asking for much. It is needed. The market will not fluctuate. If anything, it will make things cheaper. Also, don’t forget that seeded items like blueprints are price set by CCP. A lot of the market is based on how much it costs to buy the blueprints and get things built.

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Thank you for that considerate warning, it is much appreciated.

Really, your assertions are so far off the mark that I’d be surprised if anyone else reads this ‘wall of text’
‘Carebears’, as you label them, are really quite common in EVE. After all, Hi sec (and Sov Null if not totally stupid) are relatively safe and people engage in PVE there.

Or you can manage it by doing opposing faction storylines from time to time (The SOE arc is useful)


It does if you live in Iceland :wink:


Depends, they make atleast normal sub money for every omega, i have 2 myself, i know people with multiple omegas so its not as low as you might think, its still more than enough to pay wages and server costs at this point so its enough for now

It was never going to be that, EVE has always been a niche product, it was never going to have lofty numbers that high and we both know it :slight_smile:

Null isn’t for everyone but at the end of the day its the only space where people can really “claim” anything, i mean sure you can build a station in high sec if you want but that is just going to make you a target if you can’t defend it, which is normal EVE mechanics

Its actually less than you think because essentially you break PvE in to the following groups,

  • Combat
  • Exploration

Everything fits in to one of those and to be fair exploration overlaps a lot with combat making the list even smaller in reality, but thats just the nature of PvE, its always going to be pretty boring and with the game being player driven there is never really going to be any impactful PvE, sure you have mission arcs but at the end of the arc nothing actually changes, you have incursions but nothing actually changes as a result and it likely never will, they are a means to an end and that end is generally going to be PvP in one form or another, if you’re expecting to just PvE in EVE then you’re in for a pretty boring experience, but the same goes for most MMO’s

Carebears are and always have been the backbone of the game, i think you’re trying to refer to PvE exclusive grinders, but they will never really amount to much in the grand scheme of things, actual carebears provide the ships and modules that people actually use, mission running is pretty much a dead end PvE experience unless you’re running missions with an intent to help provide LP store items to the market

I think you’re confused about what the core aspect of this game is, the part that actually keeps people playing, its player interaction, unlike most MMO’s EVE depends entirely on the social interactions of players to remain interesting, if you’re just sitting in space doing nothing but PvE and not interacting with players then you’re pretty much not actually playing EVE and you may aswell just play something like X3 instead

As designed, they only exist for people to earn ISK, nothing more, its the same in every MMO, you have basic PvE which helps fund other things, they are meant to be a stepping stone not your end goal

That didn’t add any real depth to the system it was just an arbitrary number to grind for to increase the amount of ISK you gained as a result of running each mission, they got rid of it because it was actually pointless and it just forced people to min/max their agents which meant you were basically forced to relocate in order to make the most, now it doesn’t matter which agent you use as they all pay the same so you just pick the corp you want to run for and pick the agent that best suits where you play

Spoiler alert, they were always the same, all that really differed was the payout, they all pulled from the same mission tables the only thing that differed was which agent type you were running for as that would dictate the mission pool you were pulling from

Cool, in that case i pick the mission type that pays out the most cash and will never really pick anything else, so that will make most of the mission pool worthless because, as i’ve already said, people are only running missions as a means to an end it is not meant to be your “endgame” goal

Mission running is not by any means considered a way to make decent ISK, i can make more in a cruiser running mid tier abyssal content than i could make from ANY level 4 mission that exists, exploration makes more ISK, incursions make more ISK, hell at this point even mining can probably make more ISK, missions are not a great source of money once you outlevel them, you’re meant to move on to harder content, remember what i said earlier about them being a stepping stone? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets not beat around the bush, L4 missions don’t come close to anything, by design, they are stupidly easy and literally anyone can do them, i remember being able to AFK missions in a T2 fit dominix, the barrier to entry is so damn low its not even funny, but thats the point, low entry requirement = low payout

I’m seeing players joining Signal Cartel regularly and they only do PvE, but they skip the boring mission section and go straight to exploration, which can be done in T1 frigs, if a PvE corp is reliant on missions then yes they are going to suffer to retain players because missions are and always will just be a stepping stone to harder content, if your “goal” is missions then you seriously need to try aiming a little higher than the ground :stuck_out_tongue:

They already are, but you need to refer to what i said about about the true carebears because carebear doesn’t exclusively refer to mission runners like you seem to imply here

You’re missing the point of the game i suspect, because the actual “dream” is to have a game where players control most of what happens ingame, its the reason more and more is being pushed in to players hands rather than from NPC sources, its the reason you can deploy stations in high sec, its why you can try and create your own market hubs etc, missions are never really going to be pushed in to players hands because nobody is going to pay you to go and shoot NPC’s that have no impact on their gaming experience, so you’re going to be stuck with the mission system we have because as i’ve now said many many times, its a stepping stone not the engame

It was always owned by investors, its just in this case the investor is now another gaming company instead of a company just trying to make money :stuck_out_tongue:

And they can already do that or am i missing something here? you start with missions and then you migrate on up the chain to nullsec exploration, wormholes, factional warfare or harder PvE content like abyssal deadspace or incursions, all of those have the potential to lead to PvP while missions most certainly do not and never really will, you seem to think missions are meant to be more than just a means to another end

There isn’t really much more they can do to improve it, there are already high sec conflicts and you already have high sec moon mining which was originally low sec only, you have more high sec options than ever before yet you’re complaining it still isn’t enough and you seem to think that changes to the mission system are actually going to do anything meaningful, yes the system is weak but as i’ve stated many times, and you know whats coming by now, its only a stepping stone, just a low rung on the ladder, if your EVE goal is to run missions then you’re playing EVE very very wrong


Couldn’t read past the butthurt bit.

Tldr would be good.


There is no butthurt. The psychopath part is not really meant to be an insult either. In EVE, there’s nothing wrong with choosing that lifestyle. It’s a part of what makes the game interesting. But it’s not for everyone.

The lowdown is that the mission system needs to be overhauled. It is a stepping stone, sure, it’s a stepping stone to running incursions. But incursions can get stressful and disappointing, having to rely on a fleet to run them. There are other aspects of PVE and a good PVE corp will run them all. But I can’t stress this enough, what I’m talking about here is newbro retention. The easiest way to get newbies into the game is to get them running missions. Or mining. They don’t have the skills to run say, abyssal sites. The mission system is absolutely horrible right now, I mean, it doesn’t even come close to anything else, not anything. Yeah, you can make 60 mil an hour running missions if you luck out on a good set of runs. But usually you only make 15 - 20 mil. The whole mission system needs to be improved and needs to be the mainstay for new combat pilots. It’s time to improve it and make it viable. The comments here so far have proved my point. “the mission system was designed to give you nothing”. Well this is wrong. It should be viable for new to new-ish players to actually put 3 or 400 mil a day in their pockets if they choose the hardest L4’s.

And yes, giving us more money for running missions is exactly what i’m asking for. As well as the ability to pick and choose what I want to run. I don’t want to run faction missions. I would if I were into faction warefare, and that’s something I might look at someday. But for now, I need an alternative to incursions. We need a better way of making -consistent- money in high sec that is not revolved around incursions. Incursions are great but they too can be also very up and down. The null sec guys get anomaly ratting, and it’s big money, it’s 10x better money than running missions in high sec. So to ask for better consistency in running missions while not also destroying my standings at the same time? Not much to ask for. The current mission system was revamped 12 years ago when things were 1/4 the price they are now. A corp should never be based solely on running missions, but it’s still a good way to get people used to combat and running in fleets.

I could even argue that they go further, and make L4.5 missions, or special missions you can only run with marauders, and do the same thing I suggested by putting those missions into their own categories. The mission system should be easy and fun. A grind, but fun, difficult, rewarding. The next step up from crappy L4’s is the L5’s and they are hard to run and not even worth running. CCP needs to seriously look at everything and take my suggestions into mind. You are all so worried it’s going to break the game, see, I’m not the one being butthurt here. You are. I’m suggesting a good change, and it’s like no, missions are for n00bs. Well they don’t have to be. And they shouldn’t be


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