New type of Corp

While current corps are different based on who runs them, what they do etc etc there is no real in game mechanic to set corps apart, until they added the ability to become war dec immune. Given this change as well as others in the game over the past few years I think its time we started going further down this rabbit hole.

The idea is for players to form Pirate Corporations. These corporations would be all or nothing, either during its creation, it is a Pirate Corp, or it isn’t. No swapping as wanted. These corps would operate differently in the following ways.

First all players in the corp/alliance will be labeled as Pirates, they will always be attack-able in high sec without concord intervention.

Secondly they will not be able to dock in NPC or player owned structure in high sec, nor will they be able to anchor in high sec.

Thirdly, and this is where you’ll either love or hate this, these Pirates will not cause a concord response. Instead they will cause navy faction responses. These responses will be different based on

  1. The sec status of the system. A .5 will have the weakest slowest response (frigates) where as 1.0 the strongest and fastest (Battleships with logi and ewar support)
  2. The number of Pirates that do show up
  3. The duration in which said Pirates stay in the system.

As it stands there are the NPC Pirates in high sec, which are a joke as any one will know, outside of FOBs Incursions and Invasions. I would like to see more Player piracy even if its going to be reasonably done in a .5 and .6 systems to give a sort of transition between high and low.

Go ahead and post your thoughts.

Whats the maximum output of one of these FacNav forces?

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Not sure on exact numbers but in general a small group would be able to hold their own in .5 and .6 against the navies, .9 and 1.0 would be more oppressive even against larger groups. A clever individual would be able to jump into a .5, hit and run on smaller targets get out provided no players engage him as well. The idea of the duration increasing forces is to encourage not having 1 person camp a system forever.

Im just thinking the first way to abuse this is to see how much firepower can be steamrolled into a system.

How does this idea account for say a gank on a structure?

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Since structures have DPS limits the time it takes to kill them with full DPS can be factored into the scaling response based on time in system.

That doesnt really answer the question Im skirting around.

Ultimately, are these FacNav tankable?

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For a limited time yes. Eventually the longer you stay the more show up. If you split your DPS to kill them itll take longer to bash the structure, the longer it takes the more of a response shows up. Those forces will eventually bring logi and ewar.

Yeah but what happens when the limit is reached? Are they defacto CONCORDED effectively by FacNav?

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Lets put it this way. If you bring in 100 guys and stay in system for lets say 20 minutes, you are going to be facing enough ships your fleet will start gettin alphad 1 by 1, your logi will be primary for both damage and ewar and you will eventually lose.

I dunno, Im thinking of fleets bigger than that, or at least more powerful.

But you are saying that no matter the force weilded, the response will always be that +1?

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After certain durations yes. Also if i come off rude thats not my intention and thank for the input so far.

No no, you dont.

Im just wondering why thats preferrable to having CONCORD.

I mean, is this supposed to improve ganking or improve safety for gankees?

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Meant more as a way to introduce a new style of gameplay or to augment current pirates that operate in low. Imagine seeing a JF hit a high sec gate and you can go after him if your fast enough to kill him before the response is overwhelming.

I’d be okay with this as long as Faction Police utilize Concord mechanics and ultimately kill the offending ship regardless. We have a Concord response in Highsec for a reason and this just seems like a cowardly way to avoid it.

And players in war dec immune corps are cowardly hiding from other players.

Please don’t try to derail the topic with irrelevant comments. We’re talking about your bad idea, not a mechanic that’s already in the game. :slight_smile:

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Do you believe a 5k+ member alliance should be war dec immune?

If they are following the rules of the game and do not have a structure anchored that makes them war-eligible, yes, they should be war dec immune, because that’s literally how the mechanic works.

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I said do you believe they should, not what the current mechanic is. Im farmiliar with the mechanic.

I don’t see why they should be war dec eligible if they don’t have a structure anchored.