Pirate Insurgencies & Alignment

Don’t miss the last video, big changes comming to EVE, the opportunity to lower low sec security status to null level and have bubbles and bomb launchers in low sec are on the table now. For high sec CONCORD will not come for shooting player ships if the sec status drops to low sec levels, they will only come for pod aggression.

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Will have to see how this shakes out in practice before making a judgment call but one thing stood out, both sides bonus effects can exist at the same time. Not sure if I like that. Sounds like getting all your sides bonuses are a guarantee with no way for the opposition to stop you. It would add alot of incentive to the FW side to keep things like bubbles out of the system they are trying to flip, as it stands you might as well not bother because it will happen anyway. On top of that the example bonus given in the video are VERY one sided. Bubbles,bombs and Hic’s bubbles have a drastic impact compared to gate gun dmg and web and scram range bonuses.
I worry that the FW side wont bother engaging long term unless the bonuses they get to fight back are turly something crazy

Ps. Do the buffs only apply to the people enlisted to a side? For instance enlisted angle/gurista players are the only people allowed to launch bubbles/bombs? I doubt it but would like confirmation. If this isn’t the case its almost in the fw players interest not to push a system, giving the opposition longer webs and scrams seems almost counter productive.

There is going to be changing system sec levels?

A 0.5 could become a 0.4 and vice versa?

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Yeap, sounds like it, it is called system corruption and it will happen around Factional Warfare systems

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That sounds cool

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That sounds cool but it never unlocked on time and doesn’t work with a 10+ standings to a NPC that has no missions or goals. :stuck_out_tongue: Loser idea if it doesn’t work for pilots that are interested. Also CCP needs to fix hundreds of bad scripting and ideas before opening us up too new ones. Fix indy, fix ships, fix content, fix nullsec dynamics, fix income starvation, fix ore in belts, fix kiting, fix there ideas of everything being awesome while feeding us garbage. I know for myself I have been playing for years waiting on the DEV team to get someone involved not in it for the money but in it for the expansion of eve. All things in the past 3 years has made space harder and smaller it is not very cool to me and I will hold in there hoping someone takes over the positions held by narrow minded people and expand to much higher goals for eve. I know for me its about 10 config files and some back up restores and flopping the map 4 or maybe more times before we should start to see eve on track again.

Post that on reddit, you will get all the up votes.

Idk man the FW update is fantastic, the new navy ships are amazing, T2 dreads are exciting, the PI changes were welcome. Wile not perfect EVE has gotten some sweet stuff recently


Agree! CCP has been delivering great content back to back and I think the next updates wil be even better, they are pretty much fixing EVE for good.

I am very optimistic

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