High Sec Griefers - An Idea

Hello, first time poster here, I had it recommended to me to bring an idea here after presenting it to the EVE customer support.

To keep it short, last night dealt with someone trying to provoke in my mission area, my first battleship that took me a long time to make as a new player. I didn’t take their bait, I researched their killboard, full of battleship kills in these situations, they got my mission item, blew up my MTU and did just about everything they could to try to get me to fire first in 0.9 space. I did not. But the situation did leave me frustrated at a lack of options. For the record, I have been dipping into pvp, but only with ships I can afford to lose and if I were to take my battleship into low/null, then fair game.

My suggestion is If you’re in a mission area and someone arrives as a ‘suspect’ or becomes on in your area. Give us the option to right click on them and call Concord. They get given a 15-20 second warning to leave the area or they will be arrested, attacked, whatever. Sure it may not stop him stealing my mission item or destroying an MTU before warping off, but it’ll damn sure feel better than no consequence at all. And if I do it quick enough, there’s a good chance of mitigating the damage he’s doing.

As a new player (First month still for me), this sort of behavior feels like an exploit, now maybe older heads will feel different and oppose this idea. But as someone who’s been encouraged to take smart risk in this game, PVP in what you can afford to lose, keep what you can’t yet afford to replace for making ISK until you can. Players who have a ton of ISK and only want to use it to grief others as their endgame, seems like the sort of thing we should have a few more options about. This doesn’t ban anyone, it just removes them from a mission area in High Sec only.

Make friends and call them instead. The game already provides a mechanism for any player to engage a suspect and doesn’t need people to just be able to call NPCs to assist, just because they can’t deal with the situation themselves.

Bring in friends that can take care of it.


Using mechanics designed and sanctioned by CCP is not griefing.


There’s a simple solution. Don’t drop an MTU in a well-known, high-traffic mission running hub. You’re just making yourself a target. That’s what they are looking for. Either do missions away from hubs in a quiet system, or don’t drop an MTU.


What is happening to you is not griefing. Its baiting, which is perfectly legal gameplay. No exploit is being done by trying to get you to shoot at them.

Take the advice before my post and after, not as an insult, but as a learning moment as a mission runner and new eden resident


Is there a way to close or delete this thread? Clearly my idea is not in line with existing player thought and I’d like to just move on from it. The situation last night already left me frustrated, I’d like to just close this and move on.

You can flag the first post and request to close.

Its not that we arent in line, but you want npcs to interact when you should be asking other players.

Im a strictly pve player myself, so i understand your frustration, but asking for a major change to the game isnt going to be going your way or how you think it would

Also if your mission item is taken, you can contact support to reset the mission

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Yes posting here was a mistake, one I won’t be repeating. It doesn’t feel like a major change when Concord already protects High Sec like a police force. But I am not looking to debate this now, I however don’t see the flag option, so you’re able to do so, please do I would greatly appreciate it.

CONCORD doesnt protect hisec.

They punish criminals. Its not the same


'03 player here. These replies are par-for-the-course in my experience on the Eve forums. While there are many things that make Eve unique and special, the strong reactions when new players ask for relatively simple quality-of-life changes has always surprised me. While Semantha’s suggestion might not be the the ideal solution, the fact remains that the opinions of new players is something that should be important since they’re the ones helping to keep this game alive–which, btw, a solemn reminder that this game is at its lowest playerbase since I’ve been playing with no signs of letting up. So being bullheaded about “behavior that’s sanctioned by CCP” is pretty goofy imo.
Regardless of what was said above, trying to bait people isn’t necessarily griefing, but stealing their mission-specific quest items IS by definition griefing. It serves no purpose, the items themselves often hold no value at all, and it forces players to abandon entire quest-chains that can severely impact their standings with agents and directly affect their desire to continue playing. OP isn’t saying the risk should be taken away, but a simple fix like preventing value-less quest items from being blown up or stolen by a salty baiter who didn’t get a bite is not an unreasonable request.
CCP and veteran players need to understand that compromising on small quality of life things doesn’t spell the end of the Eve experience… but a dwindling playerbase does.


P.S.- Contacting support to reset the mission chain is something that has never happened with me, and I’ve reported such things in years past. CCP support isn’t exactly what it used to be.

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  • Just because you don’t like competitive interactions, that doesn’t make it griefing.
  • Just because you don’t know how to counter something, that doesn’t mean it’s an exploit.
  • Do not assume that because you aren’t aware of very many or any counter play options, that few or no counter play options exist.
  • You actually have multiple options for dealing with suspect baiters (including the one you used). However, instead of figuring those out for yourself, or asking for suggestions, you decided to lobby for CCP to nerf your enemies. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, you asked to do it through a solution that would reduce emergent game play opportunities, make it easier for players to optimize towards boredom, and kill a play style.
  • Eve has a relatively flat power curve. Character skill and isk offer advantages, but they are neither sufficient nor necessary in order to compete with others. In fact, we have players who complain that the game is unfair because of the advantage vets have over newbros, as well as players who complain that the game is unfair because lower skill characters in cheaper ships can kill them… as you can imagine, at least of these groups is wrong. Long story short, don’t be concerned about how much isk anyone has. In fact, you shouldn’t spend your game time chasing isk, if it’s not something that you don’t enjoy doing.

Counterplay options include, but are not limited to

  • Not taking the bait- Buy your missing mission item on contracts, or take the small standings hit from failing the mission.
  • Blitzing missions- Always go for mission items ASAP so that they suspect baiters can steal them. Eve Survival will tell you whether or not you need to kill stuff, whether gates are locked, and what you need to loot.
  • Move to a quieter mission hub- Hunters love target rich environments.
  • Fight Back- Sacrifice isk efficiency and fit for PvP. Get a kill, have fun, and teach that suspect baiter that there are better targets out there for him. If you don’t know what’s a good PvP fit, tell other players what you can fly and what the suspect baiter flies, and ask for suggestions.

Welcome to Eve. Now stop asking for your enemies to be nerfed, the destruction of play styles, for NPC’s to do what you are unwilling or unable to do, and HTFU.


Not only no, but hell no. If this was implemented, then you’d have miners begging CCP for the same ability to right click on someone and call CONCORD to save them, and that’s not how EVE works. Never has and never will.

CONCORD does NOT protect you in high sec. If you are mining in a belt with CONCORD sitting right there, and NPC’s warp in and attack you, CONCORD will sit idly by and watch you get nuked with a smile on their face. Much like real-world police, CONCORD does not protect you from anything, they are simply there to punish your aggressors after the fact…


Why are there still replies coming in to this when I’ve requested deletion? Why did support even recommend I post here? Please move on somewhere else. You have all been heard.

It takes time for an ISD to see the flag to close it

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Explanations like the ones above are basically lumping all newbies together as the same personality type when as far as I can tell OP is a first-time poster. Putting all the fault on new players and saying “this is how it’s always been” is an easy, lazy path around confronting old issues with new ideas. OP’s original idea never had to be taken, but if you think taking people’s quest items then going and docking up when they don’t take the bait is a “play style” and not griefing, then you’re a little deeper down the hole than recommended. Taking a single step to retain new players isn’t babying them, and it’s not “well first this, then what else are they gonna nerf?” If yall love the game, acknowledge that the opinions of new players should at least be factored in. If you think this is the best version of Eve possible, then admit that you gave up a lonnnng time ago.

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Griefing only if its the soe arc or career agents or any rookie system


Give 'em an inch and they’ll take a mile, as we have seen many, many times over the years…


What a horrible experience. I’ll keep my damn suggestions to myself next time.

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You can get the thread closed by @ 'ing an ISD, but people are also giving good advice that you can learn from as well. So, consider leaving it open.

Besides, this might be an opportunity to convert you to the dark side :smiling_imp:

And don’t feel embarrassed or unwelcomed. Eve has a kind of culture war going on, and you walked right into it. lol. So, yeah, you’re going to catch flak for stuff like this, but we also realize that you’re new, and aren’t going to hold it against you… assuming you don’t keep trying to “ruin the game.”