Proposed devs idea to flag rookie and SOE epic arc systems ingame

Dear fellow capsuleers and Developers,

Based on the rules described in the following official eve online website, in some systems there are some additional “protection” of new players. In short griefing newby players could have consequences.
This additional rule is restricted to several systems (listed in the link above).

The issue with this rule that this is not really a real “protection” as griefing could happen and the newby victim can feel him/herself punished. Which obviously not a good start and we can lost potential fellow capsuleers too early.

Also issue with the player who commit the griefing as might be the villain is not aware about this additional restriction, rule.

Therefore the proposal is to make these system more visible, mark these system differently in the game.

  • developers can change the color of the system name
  • developers can add some special icon, next to the system name
    any type of visuals could help to distinguish the selected rookie and SoE epic arc systems from the others → where activities - which could happen in any other systems without any consequences - in these systems it could be punished by the support team (in worst case players can be banned and also newby players can experience bad things which could cause early leavings)

Any support from Players are welcomed!
Developers please consider!

fly safe o7

A counter proposal is to remove restrictions entirely. Safe spaces have an adverse impact upon new player retention, by making the game boring and causing players to quit. When players whine about “griefing”, they are showing emotional involvement in the PvP process, and this should be encouraged. Therefore, the counter proposal is to increase activity in Highsec, by eliminating unnecessary barriers to gameplay.

Any support from Players are welcomed!
Developers please consider!

fly unsafe 7o

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This rule is currently available.
Let me clear, until this rule is available - my proposal is to mark these systems differently in game.

If later the developers consider to remove the whole restrictions, of course they can set back the visuals and remove any additional flags.

My proposal is to change the rules, and/or remove these systems from the game. Far too many new players are lost to boredom and endless grinding.

Hello forum
@Levedi By the time a player is able to “grief” anyone he should have enough experience to know which systems are off-limits.

Let’s waste dev time on paranoia then shall we?

Fifie seconds @Aiko_Danuja 's proposal.

That’s fine, I think there is no confrontation between both ideas.
What I propose is - IF the rule is available (fact: currently it is) capsuleers should be easily identify these systems ingame - we can’t ask the players to visit a special website to check the systems (or ask the community to learn and know by heart all these systems)

griefing is happening these systems
would be good to hear some feedback from a developer how much time to change a color of some systems in game - until that this is just your paranoia that this is waist of time

Yes, I am very paranoid. Incidentally it goes well with playing EVE.
Nevertheless, your idea is still a waste of time.

I noticed you didn’t address this

Which was the core of my post. LuLZ

~Fifie doing an eyeroll

yep, that’s your opinion, I don’t think so that players should learn list of systems - based on a not really well know special rule… also what if a new player start to grief others. EVE is a huge sand box game, almost “unlimited” possibilities, so it is hard to expect from all the players that they should know everything by heart. IF the developers can do anything to make some ingame player experience more easy, it would be always welcomed.
This is an idea, hope devs read it and can make decision and prioritize in their own to do list.

in short again:
IF this rule is available → make it visible ingame
IF not available anymore → no change or change it back to current state

I made this same suggestion to CCP gamemasters more than a year ago. It’s absurd to have these restrictions, but no in-game indicator of them. Regardless, the restrictions are bad for the game. Why should PvP be restricted in Hek, an 0.5 system? CCP should stop coddling new players like little babies who need protection.

A list of systems is nothing. There is much more that an EVE player should learn and remember.

If he’s a new player he doesn’t have the skills to eliminate a ship before CONCORD innihilates him on the spot. Then he’ll know won’t he?

Fifie exposes the obvious.

I think you don’t know what is griefing… you can do against the current rule - without any CONCORDE resposne.

was any official response from devs or GMs?

Make a video of it.

And I don’t like to call it “griefing”. To me it’s all PvP and if the devs didn’t want it happening it wouldn’t exist on the server.

Yes, they said when a new player threatens me in real-life, I am at fault because ganking is griefing, and I am responsible for causing emotional distress. Which gets back to your point, if CCP cares so goshdarn much about this, then why don’t they just prevent ganking, or add an in-game notification that ganking is “cyberbullying”. Alternatively, they could just allow ganking, without these constant efforts to stop “griefing”.

In EVE everything is PvP, PvP in mining, in trading, take the loot first or “classic” PvP to do some pew-pew… and destroy ships. :slight_smile:

Example for griefing without CONCORDE response could be in a rookie system where player make some ransom tricks or in SoE mission just take the mission critical loot etc.

hm… maybe this rule is more related to the new players (<30days old) then to the system
so is it griefing to gank a veteran pilot in these systems? I don’t think so, this is against the current rule.
therefore more important to distinguish the players itself (new vs not new player).
However this could be more complex as in this case developers should somehow mark new players (under special rule protection) but other hand these new players needs to be restricted to pieceful activities - which could be against some real pvp players who joined to this game to do PvP fights asap.

based on this I prefer to agree more with you to remove the whole restriction… but anyway until the rule is there, it would be good to see some visuals in game by systems

It’s asinine to mix protected players in with the general population, and somehow expect them to not interact with each other. It shows that something is wrong internally at CCP, as they are apparently unable to even understand this. if they want to protect new players from other players, then why not wall them off in restricted systems that other players cannot access? Instead, CCP sends the new players on an “epic arc” to Hek, with most of them getting smartbombed as they pass through Rancer, and then CCP blames the PvP players who cannot tell who is or isn’t a “new” player.

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Of what kind?
What does a new player have that the guy making the ransom doesn’t have?

Does that actually happen or is it another “could”?
Also, again, if CCP doesn’t want that happening I’m sure they’re smart enough to prevent it.
I went into EVE expecting “anything is possible” up to what the devs allow.
Also, I don’t much have sympathy for “victims” of scam and ransom in games.