Rookie Griefing Policy was updated Monday

Anyone know what changed? Saw that it was just updated this past Monday, 6 days ago.

I check it from time to time to see if I am allowed to pwn noobs in the starter areas again. But cant figure out what they just changed in the policy 6 days ago??

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Start wasting noobs in noob systems and find out. It’s an admirable style of play…


35 systems…
how is anyone supposed to remember all those


Pretty easy. Check the list for your ganking system.
If you roam, put them on autopilot avoidance and just don’t go to your local. That’s 35 across all of New Eden, you don’t expect me to honestly believe that you fly across all of EVE looking for newbies to gank daily?
It’s not like they have much worth ganking normally anyway.


no i just fly around randomly doing whatever i feel like
if i ended up ganking someone in a rookie system it wouldnt be my fault
because i wouldnt have known it was a rookie system
maybe they should just have an indicator next to the system name so people know its a rookie system


Well, you do you, boo.

But do not come to the forums crying about mean ol CCP banning you “unfairly” when your assinine attempt to RulezLawyer your way out of things fails.


This seems totally obvious tbh. Good point.

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Generally, if you jump into a rookie system there’s an unusually large number of characters in local. Much more than in surrounding systems.

In addition, on the probe you’ll see the remnant asteroid belts (or whatever they are called).

It’s not hard to know when you are in a rookie system.

Edit: Like this:


If you see those remnant belt things. I think they only exist in Rookie systems.


thats handy to know thanks

As a 32 days old rookie (first alpha, now a different omega), I never returned to my home systems but when a new clone is needed… I don’t even know which system is my “home”. I don’t think these systems have to be secured that way.
The SoE Systems are somewhat tricky because soemtimes you search for endless minutes for a clue. A ganking squad won’t be handy in that case, that’s right. But on the other hand you’re supposed to have finished the career agents who thus gave you a destroyer and some experience. I think you can ask a rookie to learn prudence now (sometimes the hard way). So perhaps the penalty for ganking should be the ship’s complete cost x2 in ISK the killer has to pay to the rookie, and the rookie learned a lesson without losing all his wealth.
Conclusion: Only the career agent systems should be secure. These 12 systems are quite remote anyway, so it won’t be a big restriction.
But these are only my 2 ISK… :wink:

The original list was the starter systems (12) + the career agent systems (12) + Arnon.

So the additions are the key systems in the SoE epic arc, The Blood-stained Stars.

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liar, they have tears and ccp says if you shoot them they will opt to stay longer and we must trust in the ccp gods. so grab your guns, sit outside the exit gates of those systems into non-rookie systems and blast them! we need numbers!

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CCP should modify the newbie tutorial to end differently. At the end, instead of sending the newbie to Arnon to do the Sisters of EVE missions, the tutorial should send the newbie to a nearby non-newbie-starter system and have the newbie say “Hello, I finished my tutorial!” in local, so you guys know whom to shoot.


grab your guns, sit outside the exit gates of those systems into non-rookie systems and blast them!

Thats what they actually do. The career agent systems have only one gate, quite easy to surveil. Just met a bunch in Algogille waiting for newbies from Couster.

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So, what were they going to do to the newbies when they came out? Gank them for the ISK they don’t have or was it a wardec thing you think?

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Probably Corp recruiters ready to spam local with adverts.

Definitely worth wardeccing those guys…:slightly_smiling_face:


They wanted payment for passing or mining. “Pay for your security for one year.” And then they shot some Ventures with Destroyers. Before getting shot to pieces by CONCORD, over and over again.
Oh what fun.

Its a ridiculous form of gameplay based on immaturity and enjoying tormenting newer players. CCP should put a stop to it at a basic level, especially for low sp toons mining in frigs. It’s like the bullies in the playpen and kinda sad.
The obvious fact that it may cause some to quit and it’s not noticed doesn’t make sense to me. I’d rather help people than provoke people with roundabout slang…salty…sugary, whatever. The kinda unsaid endorsement of such activities killed the alpha clone idea imo.


CODE are a bunch of bullies. They claim to be trying to stop “bot-like behavior” (which is something I actually agree is a problem) but their entire method to do this is “hang out near newbie systems, gank newbros, then intimidate them into paying for a ‘mining license’ while RPing”. I’ve never seen them attempt to hit actual bots, most likely because the bots have decent defenses that newbros generally don’t. The one thing I will give CODE though is they are dedicated to their cause. I’ve seen them suicide gank in a ship worth more then the total cost of the ship that was destroyed and the loot that was dropped.


Dear Sir and or madam,

i need you to know that recruiting new players, by shooting them down, has been a time-honoured, working solution to the problem of binding them to the game. There is a general rule that, by applying an injection of adrenaline, one can hook others to almost anything. For EVE particularly, every interaction, which causes emotions (physical expressions of changes of hormones), tends to bind people, but if you can hook them on adrenaline, you specifically target instincts that will make them seek more of it.

As you, dear Sir and or Madam, seem to be a good hearted, chill person, who cares about the game, i suggest you change your plan.

Shoot the noobs instead.