Rookie chat is not new player friendly

Tonight, I was in rookie chat as I’m required to be for the first 30 days. I’ve been reading comments and learning from many helpful players, but there are a few in there that are real jerks.
They talk down on new players that ask questions, they talk down on players that follow the advice they’re given, and they start name calling and get offended if you don’t kiss their butts in chat. They are very discouraging. They spent the last hour before cluster shut down smack talking my corp leader, calling me her alt, calling her someone elses alt that is apparently a well known “troll”.
They attack like rabid dogs and only try to give actual information after you take their abuse. There really needs to be some sort of moderator in there to stop these people. I honestly do not even want to play eve anymore because I am required to be in the same channel as them.


Whilst the rookie channel probably isnt the place for people to do that, That is what eve CAN be like by someone people in game, there are indeed some toxic souls out there.

In rookie chat, the person/s that talk down to you, right click on their name and choose block… problem gone.


You have this kind of behavior in every game, the way you experience it in them is just different. You also have the tools available to not let their conversations affect your experience with the game.

Don’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch.

basically bittervets who don’t want new players in the game, and want to run them out… been confirmed by several posts on here that they don’t want new players in the game.

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