Rookie chat must have "close forever" option

Rookie chat must have “close forever” option - now it keeps reopening and only annoys players who already played EVE and needs alt characters.
I asked in chat why and answered it’s for the rookies who ACCIDENTELY closes rookie chat :)))
Is that satisfactory reason for you? Please, share you opinion!

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That, along with if you are an actual new player and you choose to skip the tutorial, you are permanently locked out of Rookie Help Chat.

There are four categories of players involved here:

  1. Rookie characters less than 30 days old, the target audience of rookie chat. They automatically join, with good reason.
  2. Characters more than 30 days old, they leave rookie chat but can rejoin if they want to ask questions or help rookies.
  3. Rookie characters of players who click things, have no idea what they are doing, but in fact really need help. The “I accidentally closed the tutorial, how do I fly my ship” kind of player. To help these players, rookie chat cannot permanently be closed until 30 days are over, because these players could close it and lose their ability to ask for help.
  4. New characters of established players who do not wish to be in rookie help chat.

Giving 4 what they want is mutually exclusive with helping category 3.

Does CCP want to lose players of category 3, just because some players of category 4 find it hard to hide a chat channel for max 30 days behind another chat channel on their new alt?

Just wait a few weeks!


If I had 1 ISK for every time a new player lied about “accidentally” exiting the tutorial, I’d own half of nullsec.


Hahaha, yea, it seems to be a common claim.

If they admit they may need help I don’t mind that they claim exiting the tutorial was ‘an accident’, if that helps them feel better. There seems to be a surprising amount of players who think they can figure games out without a tutorial. And if these players can be helped once they noticed they need help after all, wouldn’t it be good for the game to keep reaching out to them with tools like the Rookie help chat even if they previously turned down and closed all help?

Rookie Help Chat consists of three types of players:

1% who actually did the tutorial
49% who lied about accidentally exiting it
50% bittervets

Long story short, you can’t help those who won’t help themselves. It’s not worth my time or effort.

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Erm… one could just REOPEN any chat from “chat” in Neocom. I don’t see any problem with that.

If you seek some “chat” you go to chat’s district - pretty straightforward.

Also, CCP could show more flexibility to satisfy every “party” - all I see here now is just an absence of desire to work towards this direction. Doesn’t seem PRO-enough for me (IMHO).

How does a rookie who doesn’t know that ask if someone can tell them how to open the help chat?
And what if they are not aware there is a help chat?

Forcing rookie help chat on every character less than 30 days old maximises the chance that new players can find the place to ask for help. I think that is good.

Already exists: “forget channel” option. Available after 30 days.


Good old common sense. These are very basic things - people aren’t that dumb as you think ;)) But I’m not against addressing rookies with such “dirty tricks” as reappearing chat.
I feel, that players also must have option to close unwanted chat.
I find it intrusive - do you find it intrusive? But… answer honestly, if you can, please!

But how does a rookie know there is a help that they could open with their ‘good common sense’?

You say that people ‘aren’t that dumb’, but you are assuming that someone who plays EVE for the first time is aware of everything that is happening on their screen and knows how to get the various elements back that they close, even if they accidentally close it.

That’s a bold assumption.

I would be surprised if anyone who plays EVE for the first time without prior knowledge is not overwhelmed in their first few days. And in such a state it’s really easy to miss things, even if you’re not dumb.

Forcing rookie help chat on all rookie characters is a good way to make sure new players always have it available.

Lot of words… but what about other people, who find this technique abusive and annoying?
I feel, you are okay to take freedom from one people and give it to another.
“Forcing <…> is a good way to <…>” - we get your idea.

Is it really that much of an issue to minimize rookie help? The game sees a new character, it doesnt differentiate between jackass alt one, jackass alt 1, or new person playing eve.

When one player is a veteran player who is temporarily inconvenienced because they have to minimise a chat channel and the other player is a new player who potentially may leave the game if they do not get the help they need, then I think the interests of the new player are more important for the game in this particular case than those of the veteran player.

Just minimise the chat for some weeks.


How far we should go in babysitting newcomers?

Ability to find “rookie chat” (or any chat) in NEOCOM menu is straight simple.

It has nothing to do with previous EVE-specific experience - just common everyday sense.
People, who plays MMO are already familiar with the concept of CHATS and UI, so, there will be no problems.

I think CCP should give closer look at this issue - seems like plain QoL overlook which requires a fix.

Interesting assumption. Why do you think everyone who plays MMOs is already familiar with the concept of chats and the UI in MMOs? How did anyone play their first MMO? Or do you believe EVE is no-one’s first MMO?

Making it easy for new players to get to know your game with a tutorial and help channel is good for new player retention. New player retention is good for the game.

Why do you wish to undermine that?

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@John_Lawyer Making the Rookie Help chat tab persistent for 30 days is clearly a compromise out of necessity.

What I do not understand is why one extra chat tab on your channel stack is an “issue” ? You don’t have to have it as the visible one, and you can (and should, if you didn’t already) turn off the blinking feature, etc.