List of Chat Channels for NewBro's

Anyone have a list of channel’s that would help newbro’s? I thought about it after reflecting on my own experiences and I think though would help newbro’s out a good bit if there are different chat channels dedicated to them (Like Beginning Industry, Beginning Explo, Beginning warfare)

The Emerging Lurkers was one of the first channels I used extensively and it gave good overviews and also led to finding the chat channel for mission running (level 4’s)

well a newbro will automagically be placed in rookie help for the first 30 days.
also joining their respective (language, help channel) would help too.

There is a permanent Rookie-Help English channel that I hang out in.

If you open the channel list window, you can find other channels dedicated to certain activities. If you’re into exploration, however, join eve-scout which is very nice. Don’t join mining, though, because they don’t talk about mining. They only use that channel to demonstrate stunted emotional maturity.

You can also join my roleplay/chill channel Eve Harbor. I help people there when I am online, and also just talk and get to know each other.

its not permanent… if you see i said first 30 days… meaning for the first 30 days of your characters life, you are in rookie chat and you cannot leave it until the 31st day… so no its not permanent

Jerry, please don’t correct me on things without checking your facts first. If that were true, then how is it that I have been playing the game for 6 years and continue to hang out and help people in an English rookie help channel?

Why would you correct me like this, without actually knowing what you say is true? You’re wrong, but correcting me as if you are right, and I am wrong. Why, man? Think before you write.

Jerry is right. When you create a new character, they cannot leave rookie chat until after their first 30 days being in game. Afterwards you can remove yourself or rejoin at a later date. One point in time, you couldn’t rejoin rookie help, but they changed it.

This is annoying when you create alts cause they are stuck in rookie for 30 days.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you out. But this does bring up a good point. There are a lot of open chat channels dedicated to specific activities out there, but there seems to be no good way to search for or browse for them.


The Rookie help is fine, but isn’t a permanet solution. It also imo isn’t super active.
I mean a chat channel thats dedicated to it, or even a series of chat channels dedicated to it.
Like how there are level 4 fit channels that same concept, but for newbro’s.

Example, if you want to explo a newbro chat channel thats dedicated to that, sharing fits learning the rule of 6, links to good guides all in one channel.

We’re not all like that in mining channel.

And Eve University’s channel is useful

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