Moderated Chat

Hi, how long does an moderated chat last?

If you are asking about Rookie Help Channel… it is always available along with different language help channels like English help channel… first 30 day that Rookie help channel default open for new pilots and you cannot get rid of it . it is on your tabs by default… later on you can leave . Or join back whenever you want. If blink disturb you you can turn the blink off and seperate tab and minimise it. There is a cogwheel in the corner of the chat frame … for settings

Eh that doesn’t answer the question, Basically an @ISD took offence when i accidentally posted an contract in rookie chat, when it was supposed to be in corp chat, i was eating at the same time and didn’t notice the chat window’s name and i got kicked from both there and the help channels, which seems quite ironic that those channels are intended for new players, heck i specifically said it was in the wrong channel, the same person as always chose to insult me, Vyak or some name along those lines. its the third time now he insults me but i’m removed, but can’t find ■■■■ on actually how long the kick lasts

I have talk about this subject before with @CCP_Dopamine and @CCP_Fleebix . Isd and GM s need some communications skill courses.they do totally forget sometimes that they are there also to guide and help… i saw so many situations that instead of swiftly guide and solve issue… because of their rigid attitudes situations escalating, instead of calming down and find a solution

Yes it is forbidden to sent adds and contracts in Rookie Help Channels… of course need to be carefull… and situation should be adressed by the moderators … you get warning … ( instead of reminding the rules sometimes )
If they ban you from channel you cannot go back … are you new pilot ?

Yeah i am, kind of ironic they allow the same people to remain in chat that often insults new players yet they ban players for a simple mistake, seems the isd supports new players being insulted

the one guy who posted his hyperlink ads last night is still there

Yes they do that often… i have covered so many situations by convo the pilot and explain and answer his questions before situation escalated…. and i have chat logs i am still saving them… i

If you are new pilot you need that help channels .

Well it doesn’t help that the @isd kicks new players from the very channels intended to help them

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Lol … im banned from rookie help channel…

Reason : i have advert an event fpr the new pilots i have been running for a long time … like 12 hours everyday i throw bowhead fleets and reshipped all rookies free and unlimited … all ships were fully fitted. Constant help and guidiance and descently moderated … with training classes…

They ban me perma from channel because of this…m

But in front of my ayes @Mike_Azariah adverted his Magic bus in rooke help channel in front of GM and nobody warn him but everybody praise him @CCP_Dopamine I had printscreens of the situation … both isd and advert messages…

… magic bus :mike goes starter systems and handout some mission mining ships … once or twice in a week .

But well… rules are not for everyone…

Of course im very sad … and that was very unfair … but nobody gives ■■■■ …

They ban me i quit game problem solved for CCP

Ah so they are biased, its sad such an childish practice still continues with game moderators being incapable of moderatoring fairly

Please open ticket and explain that situation was accident … and explain this situation… i dont know if they help but you cant know without try it

They need a basic and advanced communication skills classes… and they had to be picked very wisely … they have zero compassion most of the time and acting on EGO alooot.

So if they say something to you in front of public you have to swallow it and you MUST NOT carry or escalate …

and i sugest you to join a corp or group like spectre, ancients, redemption roads… Believe me players can help you much better than them

ISD s are players like you and me GMs are paid CCP staff …
ISD s voluteer players
Those people communicating NeW Customers for the name of CCP they are PRESENTING there …so my guess they fallow and do what CCP ask them to do…

And people wonder why the game is so toxic, maybe i should have told the isd to learn his place, would be fitting for being childish

Ahm… also … its forbidden to question their moderation… And its forbidden to ask questions about how they moderating , criterias ect

Since you are new player nothing will hannpen to you…

But possibly they ban me because of i do tell these things .

So my last suggestion . if you moderated DO NOT ASK QUESTION . IT IS FORBIDDEN.
Because of you ask question they will by default think that you are toxic and escalating .
Act by knowing these… Do not argue with them .

Again I know you are new player and i know you dont aware how things work as illogic and counterproductive :

Do NOT ask QUESTIONS about moderations

Lol, we will question them if they suspend us from chats, if it is forbidden then it shows they are in the wrong otherwise they won’t be scared

Remove your last post at least one of us can survive :slight_smile: this thread officially forbidden and it will be closed when ISD see it because people will report .

And no dont question … will go nowhere believe me . Just make support ticket to CCP explain your situation. May be helps since you are a new player

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Not that one ffs one before my message :rofl:

What you were doing, is quite differently than what Mike was.

Yes also cost me 10000 times more than him and nobody had been donating to me or sent their loves… i have also printscreen of mike accepting donation in rookie chat… instead i have large collection of hate mails… i havent report any of them … because i know they are new and yhey become very averse because of things they heard in rookie chat … scammers killers…

I had also handout thousands of fully fitted full ace tutorial mission sets 2 exploration 2 mission runner 1 mining frigate and 1 SEO compatible destroyer… per new pilot …all fits were optimised and alfa friendly along with books for years