Local chat window as default?

Is there a way to have the local window show up by default? It keeps popping up the Rookie chat window, which I have no interest in.

I looked at settings and such but didn’t see it there.

As long as you are a new char within 30 days of existence, rookie help will show up. Affer 30 days you can leave the channel and it wilk not reopen unless you rejoin it

Thanks for clearing that up!

Personally I use two chat windows.

One for local chat, long and narrow with no portraits so I can see a list of about 20 player names that are in my current solar system.
One other chat window for chatting, which has tabs for all my other chats such as corp chat, alliance chat, rookie help.

This way I can easily see who is in system with me, no matter which chat window I am typing in. This is useful, because people who are in system with me might be dangerous so it’s nice to know who is around.

Great tip! I will implement this myself.

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