Local window - without chat as an option

I would like to have an optional window which lists only the actual members in local chat / in the system which I can drag wherever I want AND have the dedicated Chat window as we have now. So I could have the corp chat open at all times, see the blinking if there is a new chat message in local-chat and have a dedicated “who is in my system?” Window at glance all the time.

Yes I know that I can move the local-chat and resize it so that I only see the Members list. No - that’s not a solution. :slight_smile: :sun_with_face:

Exists already. Have several chat stacks like a normal EVE player. Plus, in Photon you can reduce the chat portion in any chat to 0 so that you get your local user list only already.


Then how do I open the local chat a second time? o.O
Because as far as I understand I can have more than one stack … nice … but that’s not the solution. I want one dedicated member list of the local chat (the people in my system) only with the chat portion set to 0 so that I don’t see the chat in this dedicated “local-stack”. BUT I want the local chat in a stack with my corp chat, etc open too so that if someone writes in local chat the portion there flashes. I DONT want to have the local chat open at all times BUT I want to be able to read and write in it without resizing the local chat all the time.

you dont do any of that stupid…
You minimize the local chat after separating it from left to right…then you put it somewhere where it goes from the top to the bottom, then use the gear box for settings to list compacted…learn how to do ■■■■ that already is in game.

Okay so lets never change anything because we just have to use what we have forever … xDD
“Stupid”. Its not stupid its just asking to have a dedicated local-overview without having to watch a stream of chat-■■■■■■■■ all the time when I am in High while having the possibility to see the chat if something is written while being in Null/Low. If you are sitting in front of a big screen all the time - sure there is no problem. If you sit at a 13" laptop while being on business trips its a different world.

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