Make chat windows blink when someone sends a message like old UI

That’s all. It’s something I noticed wasn’t happening. I like the look of the new UI a lot more. Looks more sci fi, more crisp.


I experienced the same thing it is is pretty not fun haha, but I did find that if you minimize windows, you chat icon will blink on the neocom when one of your minimized chat windows gets a message if blink is on for that tab. I have been doing that so that I get notified of new messages and can keep using and testing the UI.

The option “Blink On” or “Blink Off” still exists so I am making the wild assumption this is a bug and not a feature.

Bug report filed: EBR-233027.

I must manually go on neocom chat menu to know if someone wrote something in a different chat. Please put blinks even in the new photon UI.


I thought people only used local chat for the player count

Nope. There are many more chats.

I’m not understanding. The issue is on every avaiable chats, not only local one.

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That little yellow bar below the tab seems to be the new blink. I miss new messages all the time because I don’t notice it. Please make it more like the old blink with some dynamic aspect so its more noticeable!

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