Difficulty in Telling Which Chat Channel is Being Viewed

Hey all, I’ve noticed that with the new Photon UI it can be hard to tell what Chat Channel is currently selected at a glance. This is especially true when the Chat Window is not the currently selected window. I’ve verified that some other people have noticed this, and it seems to be due to multiple factors:

  • The selected channel is only indicated by a small underline and a slight change in the color of the channel name.
    • When the chat window is not the currently selected window, the underline loses its color making it even harder to spot.
  • Chat channels with unviewed messages receive a similar underline, though smaller and retaining their color when the window is not selected.
    • When Blink is enabled, these channels’ tabs receive a new background color, immediately drawing attention when trying to view the window at a glance.

IMHO it makes the most sense to have the currently selected chat channel designed to draw the most attention of all the channels, regardless of unviewed messages in other channels.


That’s intentional. With Photon it is supposed to be hard to know what you are doing, viewing, selecting. This is the entire purpose of this UI as it currently stands.


Nice catch and some very good points…

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Yeah, it’s horrible design:

I complained about it, too and I hope it gets fixed, because it’s impossible to tell what channel you are in. The Highlighted channels always look like the active one.
I started playing in 2011 and I was always very active in chats. Not anymore. Now I minimize all my channels except local, because I hate it.


I’ve been confused by this as well. Which channel am I viewing?! It needs to be simplified.


Came here to say this same thing. Twice in the first week of Photon I’ve ■■■■■■ things up by messaging in the wrong channel.

Do you know how embarrassing it is for a wormholer to give themselves away with accidental local chats? Very.

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Also agree. The selected, active channel is not the one with the most prominant colour/highlighting.
I keep looking for the active channel and lossing it in the sea of new notification highlights on the other channels.

Normally the channel in focus, the one your are in, is the one with the most stand out banner/header/highlighting etc, on any platform I can think of.

Photon UI does it the other way round and its not intuative.

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