Photon ui chat bag

here’s how it looks

Yes! Also, the chat tabs don’t blink or signal in any way when new messages are received. :neutral_face:


Okay, 24 hours paying with the new experimental UI & here is my personal opinion.

While clean looking *(or maybe just being nice to see something visually new)*, i find it too bulky. Especially for instance, with the Saved Locations window. There are now tabs present along with a thick border around the window. Screen management can be tough enough at times with some of us with the smaller screens. Even with a bigger screen it takes the ability to neatly tuck a window like that up in a corner away from you.

Needs work

I have the same issue. Chat tabs don’t blink when notification is turned on.

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They are doing some work to address some of our spacing concerns. Check out this thread:

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