Channel settings button placement change issue

So with the most recent patch the channel settings button got moved into the “more” section of the chat window, the issue I have with this is the fact that if you have stacked chat channels the new menu is automatically expanded to encompass all the channel names and you end up with a menu with a lot of extra wasted space. See example: (excuse the red mess)

Personally I don’t mind the button being moved, but it needs to be done in a cleaner way than this honestly, and while were at it, could we get a shortcut to open the current active chat windows settings? Will make it much easier to get to a MOTD quickly than the current cumbersome way we have to do it at the moment.


Smart man say smart thing. I like

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Making things more cumbersome and harder to do is the hallmark of Photon so far. There are only very few things that Photon actually improves over the old UI.

this so so much
@CCP_Aurora please


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