Local Window Split

This idea was brought up in Slack and I think it is a good one.
So the idea is to be able to slit the local window just like in the computer windows so we can have two. One for us to be alert in Null sec, the other to read the messages. Contact me for any questions.


Why would you want two windows where one suffices?

I’ve got a long small local chat to show me who’s with me in local. And I can also read messages* on it! :open_mouth:

*Please put a little more effort in your local spam guys, it’s rare to see someone who has ASCII art that’s recognisable in minimum width local chat windows.

Why would anyone ever want to actually look at local chat? The only thing that the window is useful for is shoving over to the side so only the member list is visible.

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sounds like a nice idea bcause if you want to use local memberlist as a intel tol you dont need that small chatwindow next to it and if you want to write in local you might need it wider to actualy read the messages but your member list get in the way, with this 2 seperate windows you could have your local chat memberlist in one place on your screen all the time like you do with probescanner list and dscan list and move it out of the full systemmap window…

oh and in jita or while big fleet fights wo all just spam in local you didnt getted distracted of the chat… might also be worth to put a toggle in that chatwindow where you can stop the chat running at all if minimized dont cluttering your chatlogs needing cpu time and storrage writing all the time
and saving some traffic (well might not be mutch)… but you can take away that spam from your eyes and system all together if you want while using that option

i would love to see this feature

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I agree this could help gameplay in a lot of ways. Like in local if you need a private chat with you mate, it could have way for that… this should be looked at seriously. I think it could benefit all.

How else am I going to find ISK doubling services? :open_mouth:

Suggestions to make free instant perfect intel even more accessible/convenient deserve a hard NO. If anything it should go away one way or another.

I thought the idea was great … in fact, I think that instead of dividing the window, it would be enough to add an option to “disable / activate” the text box, leaving only the players visible.

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