Local Resizing: Toggle Chat Portion

Can we please have a toggle for the CHAT part of local? It’s an important intel tool and the chat part is just taking up space when it doesn’t have to, those who use the chat part can keep it toggled on.

Currently it’s possible to remove the chat portion of the local chat by repeatedly snapping it between windows that are more narrow than the smallest size limit. Problem is, upon relog you have to do it over again.

Here’s how it looks when you keep snapping it between windows:

Chat is a chat is a chat is already a very powerful free perfect intel tool in NS and doesn’t need any buffing.

Reason #675343586467835 to remove local.

But what would happen with local spam when everyone turns off their local chat except for the list of players?

Save local spam! No support!

(But seriously, if you don’t want to see local chat turn off your local. And if you want to keep a list of players in local and do not want to see local chat, drag your local window halfway out of your screen to get exactly what you want.)

space on your screen

Crap I wonder why new player retention is so low when saving window space is a buff that players think is unnecessary in a game with 10,000 windows.

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That’s a good one but it resets after every relog. It’s easy to set back there again, definitely using this!

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