Local chat has room for a summarized information space

Its just an idea, and I am interested in positive contributions only for the first 10 days. After that time, feel free to voice legitimate negative feedback. In other words, think and build, before dismiss and destroy. Thank you.

The situation:
The top bar of the local chat window has the number of people in chat on the left, spaces for other chat windows in the middle, and on the right a pin button and minimize button.

The bar second from top has two settings buttons on the left and on the right the number of people in local again (redundant?). The middle is blank.

The idea:
I think it would be nice if that middle space on the second bar had some summarized information in the form of icons already used in local chat…for example if there were a red or yellow flashy in local it would be nice to have that icon at the top of the chat window too because you could see it right away in that space instead of needing to constantly scroll local, maybe over 100 names, to check for something that might not be there. I mean you do know instantly if there are not many people in local, but its the populated systems more likely to have someone gone suspect or criminal, right?

That space could also include personal standings icons to let you know if anyone of particular standings is in local with you.

This would neither increase nor decrease the information available in local but merely give a summary of information already there, so needless scrolling of potentially long local windows could be reduced.

Even better would be if those icons had the count of each icon beside them. That would keep you up to date with changes in numbers.

I had a look but I don’t see that this idea has been posted before. Sorry if I am wrong.

And once again, give it 10 days before getting all negative about it please. Plenty of time for misgivings later.

I haven’t even read past this and don’t know what your player feature is, yet I feel compelled to comment. This is an absurd suggestion. Whether you’re intentionally trying to silence dissenting voices, or legitimately think that this is will result in a more productive discussion, the end result would be the same. Anyone who willingly follows your suggestion would essentially exclude themselves from the conversation by waiting until the bulk of the discourse has ended and most people have moved on. And if that wasn’t enough, their comments would also be less likely to be read by latecommers, as they’d be buried at the bottom of the thread. In short, no. I will not wait 10 days. Nor should anyone else.

That being said, many of us (myself included) could probably be a little more tactful when replying to other people’s ideas.


That’s fine. You can literally not wait and simply choose to never post. Thanks for dropping by.

I just had another thread closed without good grounds for the trolling that the powers that be are blind to for some reason. Maybe for LOLs, I don’t know. Tired of it. Here is my cure. Be positive for 10 days, or silent. After that, let rip as is being tolerated in any other thread here.

Look, I know some people can be dicks and trolls, but I don’t think that this is solution. It’s the forum equivalent of a review blackout. And if you actually had the power to enforce this suggestion, it would be straight up censorship. I’m not sure how we can encourage more productive discussions, but this aint it.

Anyway, I read the rest of your post. Read my reply or not. I’m still going to speak my mind.

Okay, making local a more perfect intel tool would sway the balance of power between hunters and hunted, make it easier for players to get away with being inattentive, and dumb down the game. For example, I keep my local window long and narrow so that I can see as many people as possible, sometimes ctrl-a all the names so that new people stand out, and I have intentionally named characters things that would place them at the bottom of local, so that they would be less likely to be seen.

I know this might seem like a quality of life issue, but it would affect balance and shave a little bit of depth off of the game.

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I did not see any negatives in your post concerning the idea. I saw a lot of neutrals.

I don’t see a true balance, nor a correct one. So, I see that shift toward the hunter and to me, I see it as a positive, albeit a small one. Even so, if standings are incluced, the gankers and/or hunted will be helped as well.

That said, if you see someone go red flashy in local but not on grid, even instantly, the odds of getting their pod are still very small. Concord will get the ship, or someone on grid. Only suspects would really be affected and even then, I think it would be slight.

Sounds good to me. I think the game is too complex as it is. Just today, some noob was flashy red in a pod 100 km from the station. I went up to him using ABs, scrammed him, orbited, held him, and then discovered he was a noob. So I went back to station, changed ships and was going to snowball him this time for fun. Just as I was locking him he warped off. I chalk that up to him not being able to even figure out how or where to warp. This game is super complex, for good and bad reasons, and could use some positive dumbing down. After that, I would be open to talks of making it more complex for GOOD reasons only.

That said, I think there is still a crapload of things to be aware of even if local got a bit easier to read in a glance. You still get to fiddle with mods, check d-scan, rifle through overview tabs, look at the killboard, etc.

And tricks like ctrl-a? I think its an old school work around rather than an intended feature. For the future of EVE, its going to have to attract new players who appreciate the features, rather than try to entice them with Windows 98 era Microsoft Word shortcuts, wouldn’t you say?

I also have to say that the scroll bar for local is so very tiny, its really cumbersome to work with when I need a fast scroll. Anything that saves me doing it needlessly would be nice. Or heck, a fatter scroll bar would also help a lot.

To no one’s surprise. :grin:

You cannot change human behavior.

But you can choose how you see the world.


Sounds like an argument in favor of nose picking. No. I assure you. Human behavior can be changed and we do it all the time. However, if you want to argue that SOME people are incapable of adjusting their behavior, you will find total agreement with me. Those people need to be identified and excluded.

If this thread and my idea die for a total lack of anyone to say anything positive about it, I am good with that. I don’t care if any of my threads die in silence. I am just sick of them being closed for being filled with nothing but troll spew.

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