Rookie Chat or what?

Last month I invited my neighbor to play Eve Online. They noticed “Rookie Chat” pops open every time they play. I explained that eventually goes away after 30 days. They are almost there but last night they were telling me on the phone how Rookie Chat seems more like “Buy Omega you little alpha bum”.

They told me the Rookie Chat is often helpful for quick fixes or simple answers. When you post a ship build, more often than not, you get a mess of ships way beyond your skill set or they are omega builds. I told them there are some serious deep pockets on this game. Some people play with 10 omega accounts spending more than $200/180 euros per month just to be their own fleet. But it doesn’t alter the fact the people attempting to help them, sound like the ad market for buying into the game.

I have no problem with players who want to sub omega. I know I will get a lot of resentment for posting this, but you need to remember that Rookie Chat is a mess of alphas who haven’t drank from your well and might never buy into the game. Even with the 1 million free skill points, they still have 2 characters that need to skill up over time. Telling them to just buy omega or git gud isn’t positive reinforcement.

Nothing was said in Rookie Chat that upset them, they just get the feeling the chat is full of dealers trying to sell the omega game. I told them way early on, watch a mess of YouTube videos, not to depend on help chat, and avoid the forums at all costs. :grin:


RMB on Rookie Chat tab and close :slight_smile:

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But rookie chat reopens if you are less than 30 days old

Rookie help tends to have vets that often forget what its like to be a noob.

A lot of us started EVE before there were alpha/omega clones. You got two weeks to try then you had to sub to keep playing.

A lot of what folks tend to put out into rookie chat, needs omega to fully experience the game.

But fun can be had as alpha its just really restricted

If you are referring to the two characters training together, not on the same account without purchasing a MCT.

Omega would allow them to have two instances of the game open at the same time (both accounts need to be omega)

Its not that folks are pushing them into omega so much as wanting them to experience the full game


Here’s the issue:

  • most people aren’t very smart, they’re also not very knowledgeable on EVE so their go-to answer is “max everything and it’ll work” or they just troll to cover that up. This is especially the case with ship fits and even more so for fits that can’t rely on max fitting skills, they just never gave that any thought nor do they use Pyfa to actually try and test stuff. Most just copied theirs from somewhere else to then pretend it was them all along. They don’t really understand WHY a fit is like it is, they just accept as is and anyone questioning them on this is just going to cause them to panic and, probably, troll/denial their way out of it.

  • many people are incapable, or unwilling, to use any perspective other than their own. So if it’s “easy” for them, it’s “easy” for a newbie: they simply don’t recognise and realise that a newbie has VERY different issues to deal with. That is why they will dump a full T2 fit on a newbie, they will tell you that gas mining is easy to do as a newbie and that what they do and enjoy is “fun” and therefore you should do it too, because it will obviously be “fun” for you as well. Doesn’t mean they’re not genuine in them wanting to help those newbies, it’s just that they have a very limited view… their own.

  • some people like to troll newbies because they’re insecure with low self esteem.

That all results in that half of actually helping newbies is to correct other’s answers and/or take apart said newbie in a convo (away from the spam and stupidity), figure out his exact situation and issue and come up with a personalised answer or solution. Some of the regulars do that while others are part of the problem. It’s a channel run and used by people, people generally suck. It is what it is.


Rule number one is you dont talk about your alpha clone status but the Alpha/Omega model does not work. When it was introduced in late 2016 the online player count almost doubled but then within 6 months they had stopped playing again. Why is that?


Does the neighbor share your internet or do they use the free local wifi issued by the library?


Couldn;t resist @Uriel_the_Flame can you also see the clue there?

most people aren’t very smart, they’re also not very knowledgeable on EVE

@Aisha_Katalen This is not fair to bucket most Capsuleers into o/


5Million Capped Skill Points?


Nobody likes an alpha.

Alpha pilots are the future of New Eden.

More Micro Transactions followed by opening up Subcapitals o/

It happens. Sometimes well meaning veterans (and even rookie omega players) will make firm statements about how omega is the true way of playing EvE. Others will tell the rookies “yeah, the game is in fact a subscription based game, but don’t worry about that now, plenty of fun to be had on alpha for at least the next half year”. It’s people helping people. The Rookie Help channel is run by players, with the occasional ISD supervision. The quality of the advice is not always top, but the eagerness and enthusiasm to help make up for a lot. In any case, often the rookies say they really appreciate the help they get.

Often questions come up where the only solution is to get omega status e.g., cloaking devices, mining barges, utility drones, etc etc. The word “omega” will inevitably drop.

It’s not the players who created this ambiguous (and often off-putting) situation. That much is certain. Don’t shoot the pianists.


This is a sheer nonsense complaint. If noobs are asking about skills then of course people are going to point out to them that Alpha only skills at half the Omega rate, is capped at 5m SP, and prohibits a whole bunch of ships and skills. Telling a freebie player that they are getting exactly what they are paying for is not a problem…it is essential.

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Soft cap of 5 mil. But with injectors goes up to 20 mil


But the cost of those 15m SP of injectors would pay for a year’s Omega anyway.

10 alpha injectors cost less than 1 large skill injector and still allows you to get 500k

Daily alpha injectors are 56m ISK or so. You’d need 300 of them for 15m SP. That’s around 16.8bn ISK.

500 PLEX is £19.99 and gets you 2.5bn ISK…so roughly 1.25bn ISK per £10…which means 16.8bn ISK is £134. Which is pretty close to a year’s Omega subscription value. So you might just as well enjoy Omega for a year and have all the addition skills it enables.

Also, alpha injectors allow you to buy and use them when you have the funds be it irl or in game, there’s no up front cost all in one go.

So no “must grind to meet this month’s quota” nonsense meaning you’re actually still playing a game instead of turning it into a job which I’m fairly sure is where most people’s negative opinions about the game come from: they turn the game into a boring job filled with tasks, schedules, requirements and deadlines.


@Iceacid_Frostpacker I have a hard time following your train of thought here. Could you expand upon what it is you are asking and why? But no, they don’t share my internet or use public library access.

We played Star Trek Online years ago and we both left the game about the same time. We also play together on other PvP games such as Apex Legends - although we have taken a break from that as it gets very redundant. This is just an observational topic I felt could be expanded upon. All new players have the potential of becoming an omega player, but if they are told it is the only way, it makes the game sound very much like a pay to win scenario.

@Aiko_Danuja lol so you have self loathing? Because there had to be a time when you were an alpha player before you became an omega.

@Altara_Zemara this is not a complaint at all, it is an observation. I am bringing this to the attention of the community. I don’t hang my hat in online chat much at all. I find help chat to be a repetitive vapor. The same endless questions followed by the same obvious answers. I stop in here mostly to and make a more permanent statement, in the hope it makes one think about how they answer these new player queries.

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I stand by my comments. Freebie players are getting what they pay for.

Why would that be the case? I was never an alpha player.


Rookie help its for help… alpha or omega.

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How about not offering alpha clones any help? And not putting them in any rookie chat? they can figure things out themselves. Rookie chat should only be for omega clones. In fact disable the whole social aspect of the game for alpha players. just do it. dont let them interact with anyone socially in game and then just to rub it in they should be allowed to type out a message but then when they hit enter or try to send it it will say “RESTRICTED: BUY OMEGA GAME TIME FOR TO BE ABLE IN CHAT” and if it bugs out and opens like 10 windows every time with the warning that would be great

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