Protection For New Player

It Come to my Notice that old player also Capitalized on new Player in High-Sec, it felt Abusive on my end well practically my Son there must be a way to protect learning players from this kind of attacks or abuse as they are still learning. In my sense it felt like my son have been punch by an Old guy.

I am thinking if the developer would allow numbers of days 3-4 Weeks of Peace just for a player to learn still and have protection on also to develop his skills. also this will not be abuse if a player kill another capsuleer it will void the protection.

also for Huge 5Million ISM Bounty player please never allow them to be in Peace mode so other player can kill them as quickly.

This already exists. Rookie griefing is forbidden in the starter systems and the SOE epic arc systems. Once you leave the nest, you are fair game.


5 million is tiny as a bounty goes too.

Bounty has zero meaning.

EVE is hard game. Ships are ammo and losing ammo is way to learn the game.

Remember that everyone was new at some point. This is part of very, very step learning curve of EVE. Hardest thing to learn, coming from other games. Is to not care about loses. Fly things you can afford to lose until you will understand game enough to at lest understand risks. Remember. Anything in EVE can be killed anywhere. There is no single safe spot in game. Even in station you can get scammed.

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How can you learn to play the game if other players can’t shoot you?

As was said, you have 30 days of protection in the starter system and the initial Epic Arc. How much more do you think is necessary?

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I’m sure our recon guys would love invulnerable scout alts to follow hostile fleets around nullsec. Although if a 5m bounty voids the protection you may as well not even add it.

As stated earlier, ganking new pilots in starter/career/SOE epic arc systems is no bueno. You’re not going to develop any actual skills if you don’t get shot at sometimes.

How can you learn when you are just 3 days old account and been shoot already by a year old player?

learn to Flee but when you are Ganked how to flee? Do you expect them to flee or Fight back when the skill is still not there?

Let me put it like this. Your Kid and I will punch him?
Do you expect he can outran me? When he is not developed yet
Do you think He can win against me?


How much time you wasted here complaining? It probably would take you less than 5 minutes to google “EVE online, how to not get ganked” and read few advice’s. 90% of ganks happens because someone makes him viable target.

Outside high sec, local is your best safety tool. Want perfect? Wait until you are alone.
EVE is like RL. There is always bigger fish somewhere. Avoiding hunters is also part of the gameplay. Google is your best friend. EVE-Uni is good start. After learning basics, you should be able to find informations you are looking for using google.

Now, everyone will look down on you, just because instead looking for advice you wen’t straight for complaining.

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This is how Eve works. There are always going to be fish bigger than you (or a group of fish more numerous than your group of fish). Even a 17 year Eve veteran with 200M ISK and complete knowledge of the game will have trouble “fighting” a ganker when they are in a mining ship, and won’t be able to win at all against 10 gankers other than to flee.

Yes, fighting back might be difficult to do effectively with low skills and low knowledge of the game, but dodging gankers in a Venture is easy, as is flying a tougher ship like a Procurer. These are basic things everyone needs to learn, and there is no better teacher than experience!

You don’t learn how to play a sport sitting on the side lines. Better to learn how to play early on when you are flying cheap, easy to replace ships, than be perfectly safe and then get ganked with weeks or months of effort in your ship because you have no idea how to play the game.

You’ve found the forums. Just ask people how to avoid being ganked. You and your kid will learn much faster by profiting from the experience people here are willing to share with you.


We are not talking about old player but a newly Created players. What I am asking is give them protection for short span of TIME. So they can learn the Game inGame.

Yes I agree about never change the procedures /process just add a Protection for New Player that’s all.

So he should stay in the noob systems, or git gud. Problem solved.
There’s no point in bringing up the child argument except to try to elicit an emotional response btw. It’s dishonest to equate real-life assault to shooting spaceships in a game about shooting spaceships.

And people wonder why the game has horrible retention rates.

Perhaps it’s because carebears decide they want to play Eve but it should be the way THEY want it and not anyone else’s way. I agree that the NPE could be better, but I don’t think that le evil gankers are the cause of mass ragequits.

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There is a few contributing factors, but the most major are pvers being abused, long train times to new ships (specifically new ships) and lack of social interaction at the start of the game (probably at least partially responsible is the npc starter corps).

[citation needed]

Seeing that the population is around 14-15k, I dont think i need citations at this point. But hey, if you want to stay in your delusional state of “everything is fine” you do that. Eventually the servers will go offline, ill still be here to tell you “told you so” and you will go on to play hello kitty island adventures, all because of your arrogance and ignorance.

also iv placed you on ignore on forums im tired of your stupidity.

nothing here provides actual citations for your claims made about of:

Would you like to try again, or continue making personal attacks like a child because you’ve been called out and have nothing to actually support your claims?


The protection is built into the game. New players are generally not gankworthy and rookie briefing on purpose is prohibited. High sec is designed to stop new players from taking steps that could lead them to be attackable, as well. That’s the point of the green/yellow/red safeties.

That’s what the tutorials are for and they don’t involve PvP.

I have a 40 billion isk bounty. I have never been killed by anybody in highsec for a bounty. It isn’t a big deal and players should largely ignore it. \

Then I’m sorry but you have difficulties to differenciate real life and video games, and this is not an issue we will solve for you.

But then the player will not learn anything.

So after his first month of peace, you will ask for a second month because he is not ready?

And after the second month, you will realise he is still not ready and ask for six months?

There is no other way to get ready than to get attacked and learn how to deal with it.

Yes you do, because being able to make the statement that the population is low does absolutely not mean that you actually understand why it is low.

I can write “the population is around 14-15k, that’s because there is not enough PvP so people are bored, therefore we need more PvP and we need to make it happen sooner in the game”, and with the quantity of proof you have (aka nothing), this is just as valid as your point of view.