Protection For New Player

Your right, be saying it is low does not make me know why it is low.

Having 20 years as a designer behind me does.

Btw, the population data is publicized through api on various websites, including ones hosted by ccp themselves, so this is not exactly a secret.

That’s not how it works. I have no way to know if you have any of the experience you pretend to have, and if you do, then it should be easy for you to provide the actual proofs, rather than just “I know it!”.

Where did I pretend that the player number was a secret?

“designer”, lmao. stop lying kid, it’s just sad at this point.

This system does not work, and will never work until there is no illegal fire in high sec. Really, its a cop out.

Yet the truth is everything in eve is ultimately designed to force people into null to be part of the (oppressive) nullsec war that never ends. Every advocate on the csm is moving for changes for this, and not one of them have advocated enough in defense of high sec to bring about real, meaningful changes because any time a step is taken in that direction its reverted by ccp because of the other leaders invested in fueling their nullsec empire.

I think a breaking down of the csm into sections and ccp dividing its development resources across each area is a better direction for the game to help fight this horrible cycle that has historically never “fixed” the declining population rates.

Doesn’t make sense tbh.

Brisc is trying to explain you that High Sec is the place where you can learn how to deal with the PvP core of this game, by stopping you from taking certain steps.

If fire is just permanently illegal, players never learn a single thing. You allow them to stay ignorant and objectively bad forever.

That might be good business wise, but gameplay wise, that’s atrocious. That’s a whole part of the playerbase that will never be usefull for the rest of the playerbase.

Enjoyement of the game, for us, the players, should come before CCP revenues concern. This is the job of their Marketing department, not ours.

Historically, nothing has ever fixed the declining population rates of any single game to ever exist. As someone who pretend to have “20 years of design behind him”, you should know this, right?

The simple fact that this game is 17 years old and alive is a constant proof that the “declining population rates” is much better than it is in most games, since very few go past the 5 years mark.

Ironically, a lot of those 5 years old game that close their doors use a lot of the techniques you are proposing to, supposedly, “reduce the decline rate”.

Well, as a matter of fact, it never worked. And it most likely never will.

So, Dont pvp, to learn pvp?

So, dont pvp to have the option to pvp?

Your opinion, meanwhile the rest of us designers who are working on AAA games are not suffering the problem of being at 10-15k in an mmo sandbox/online game.

No, it should not, and they are not exclusive from each other.

Your opinions and whimsical desires do not keep the game running, ccp’s income does.

Again, stop with this fantasy, kid.

This is only a problem if you make up numbers and lie about it.

says the kid who lies about being a “designer”

You are trying to argue with a player who ran a high sec scam Corp where they sucked newbies in, and made them work like slaves for their personal profit. They are the sort of person newbies actually need protection from. Which in this case was provided by PVPers breaking the Corp.

It’s not a cop out. No one, not even newbros, should be 100% safe in New Eden. It’s something fundamental about the game that folks need to learn early. That being said, there are enough protections already in place that deter the vast majority of people from messing with legit new players.

Not really, considering high sec is still the most populace space in the game.

When highsec decides exactly what it is they want, let me know. You’ve got your own highsec CSM member right now, and I’m happy to work with him, but as far as I can tell, other than new PvE missions, highsec is getting all kinds of attention and the NPE work never stops.

What declining population rates? We’re at our best numbers in years.

Here we go with that “only pvpers make eve dangerous” nonsense.

More metric data is required for this and that its not just a by-product of alts sitting in high sec, or new players trying the game. In short people in general are not here by choice.

For alt generation? Yep, i agree.

There’s plenty that makes EVE dangerous, including being killed by other players. But PvP is at the heart of this game, and it should be accessible to everyone, no matter how young your experience is.

The data CCP has shared and their repeated statements have always been that the majority of EVE players - not alts, players - live in highsec. I’ve seen them say this publicly a dozen times or more.

No, for actual players. And revenue. The game is better off now than it has been in a long time.

I dont disagree, i just disagree that it has to be suicide ganking.

Citation needed, since ccp is no longer publicly sharing this data. That being said, I still want an answer, is this “by choice” or “by design”

I don’t recall them ever publishing the data as some kind of end point, it’s just stuff that they say publicly, and a common accepted fact that we all acknowledge.

I don’t think it really matters whether it’s by design or not - this is a sandbox game, and there’s a lot of stuff that’s put into place and then allowed to flourish and change as things go on.

This is what you are asking for.

Still what you are asking for.

Nah, instead you are publishing absolute ■■■■ designed to milk the lowest common denominator of the customers and die a year later at best.

Assuming you are not just lying about your profession, you are basically just as much as a scammer in real life than you were in game with your High Sec corp. That’s pretty funny when you think about it!

Sometimes (often), they are.

So what?

Once again, this is CCP’s problem, not mine or the problem of any player.

I’d rather see the game “die” so I can play it to it’s fullest as long as it last, than becoming something I just don’t like in order to “stay alive”.

Do you actually expect customers feedbacks to put the rentability of the game before their enjoyment of it?

Anyway, it’s not like you could have any idea of what can keep it alive anyway.

You admitted that you work on games designed to last only a few months then be replaced by an other one.

Your work and your ideas are against the long term life of video games. You are paid every month to design short-term product.