Returning player quitting again after 2 days

So I’ve been playing on-and-off since 2009, but my breaks have been getting longer each time I quit.
The last break I took lasted maybe 2 years and I came back 2 days ago to try new features, etc.
First night back in the game, I got “Pirate’s Path” escalation in Venal, a NPC null region. Under great risk I was able to complete all 5 sites while warping around on my Golem.
Last boss on site five dropped 10 million ISK in t1 loot, at that point I decided to never touch an escalation again, one less reason to play since I only do PVE.

Minutes after that, I was caught in a gate camp and lost my deadspace fitted Golem in Venal while heading back to my base station.
Today I bought a new Golem in Jita and fitted it, along with implants, and got blown up in Low sec while making my way to the wormhole I found that leads back to Venal (the only way I can bring a golem there). There was one 0.4 system in my route, one, and it was camped.

Well that does it for me, I put my two characters (72mil SP / 26mil SP) in recycling mode and will delete them as soon as the 10h timer is up.
I’d like to play the game but not having freedom to do what I want without being killboard fodder for other players is not something I can invest my time in anymore.

I will remember my characters and these 11 years on-and-off fondly, but i’m done with EvE, forever.
I hope the playerbase continues to diminish until all that’s left are the PVP cool kids, when they realize there’s nobody to grief, they’ll quit too and EvE can finally be shut down.

Cheers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Sucks, but you knew what the risks were flying unscouted through nullsec gates.
See you later.

That won’t happen, but it’s adorable that you think it will. 16+ years, baby!!


im glad i can stay
its hard to be one of the cool kids
anyway good luck bro


Well, like I said, I hope it happens, and my hopes are eternal, while EvE is not.
Besides, the outcome is beyond my scope of concern after today.


Again, it won’t. But it’s cute that you think so.

Not beyond your scope enough that you’d come to the forums and cry about it like a whiney child. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I said after today.
Yea right now I’m struggling but after a good night’s rest I can focus on my awesome IRL, and my awesome other games, and never think of EvE again.


Apart from the fun or challenge (albeit sometimes thro gritted teeth) that other players are still experiencing, there are real-life people making a living as EvE employees. This in what is also an increasingly job/ earnings-impoverished world.

I understand the realization that Eve is not for you. Altho it presumably was at one stage. And the frustration that must cause. It also seems to me you are doing the correct thing - not just leaving but bio-massing. Yet, I have never understood the need to come onto this forum and tell everyone, never mind express the desire that Eve fails as a commercial concern.


This is comedy gold.


I’m now un-watching this thread and putting it all to an everlasting slumber.
A 11 years old capsuleer commits suicide, never to be seen or heard of again.
Good luck to all.



That says it all. Why post in order to not then listen?

I could have told you - as a HS based, solo-playing, carebear - that 1 ) Vecamia would be camped, 2) said camp (ers) is/ are crap, 3) not using a travel-fit, such as warp core stabs, was asking for trouble anyway.

I have suspicions you are not completely sincere. However, in interests of healing, good luck to you sir/ madam. Travel well and fly-safe (or whatever metaphor suits you best).


typical carebear, goes to dangerous space, cries because hand wasn’t held enough


Hi Werner

I enjoyed reading your post, and I’m on your side.

I wouldn’t biomass though, it’s better to leave your character there in case you get the urge to ‘try out’ eve again in future and if you still dislike it you can just uninstall without fuss, but at least you wont have to skill train again and spend valuable time and money.

I haven’t returned in a long time. The game is so bad it makes me want to eat my toenails.



Can i have your stuff? Atleast I can make use of them


So, what’s your point/ aim/ intention/ purpose in lurking on the forum of a game that, 1) you don’t play, and 2) appear to have no intention of playing (again)?

Why keep your in-game assets when you could, like the OP, just make a clean break of it? You would also maintain the quality of your pedicure in the process, so why this “holding pattern” instead?


One less entitled whiner…a good thing.


Found his alt gang.


hmm … 2009 character … 2 stupid things and you quit?
really? and you write that in the forum? really?
you are so long in the game you should know what you did was stuid but well … it doesnt matter anyways … i hope you gave all your stuff to someone



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Like you i have had some longer breaks from the game.
I have discovered that when i return, i need some time to get back into the game.
It takes time to get adjusted to new mechanics, get to know where its safe to fly and where it is certain death.
So a humble advice for the next time you return is to keep the first week or 2 in low value ships cause you will lose a lot more ships when you return than you will when you have been active for a while.

Even to PvE mechanics its best to take your time and get the hang of everything again, start in something small and make your way up during the first weeks will keep you from expensive mistakes like losing a bling fitted Golem