Nerf Ganking Megathread

It’s okay, they don’t care. They would absolutely choose to mine for no gain whatsoever, as long as they can’t lose anything whole doing so. They just want to relax with a spaceship screensaver after a hard day of stamping requisitions or boxing up vacuum cleaners or whatever they do for a living, and not get griefed by children. Mining profits are a concern, but a distant second one at best.


When ‘stop ganking’ miners get large stocks of ore building up at stations because there is no demand locally, it simply never occurs to them that the only thing that is going to shift that ore is the destruction of ships. Someone has to lose their ship in order to create that demand for ore. Far from ganking being unfair…it is actually totally fair that those who make an entire living off the destruction of other people’s ships ought to face the risk of losing their own ship.


You are flat out wrong here.

There should be no ship destruction whatsoever in this game. From PvP to PvE. There should be absolutely no risk to the player. Think about it. How awesome would “Mine Sweeper” be if no matter what box you click, there was no mine? Every game would be a win! EvE should be exactly like that.

A Titan in every hanger.


The outcome of such a poll, even after a professional interpretation would just give a feedback on the players opinion, nothing more, nothing less. As said, the company can use this input for their decision making, if or in which way they want to tweak their product, depending what outcome they desire. Thats why the final decision is made by game designers (within the limitations set by the company management -_-).

Also you seem to have a strange way to approach games. From the people I play Monoply with, actually no one would desire free hotels and endless money. But I dare to claim that the removal/nerfing of ganking in EVE would not even closely have a similar effect.

To be honest, I would like to see two testing events:

  • A “CONCORD sabotage event”, where the CONCORD response time is doubled for 14 days: (lore: criminals have infiltrated, hacked and sabotaged the CONCORD surveillance systems) and the instant warp disruption after a criminal act is disabled. So people could gank a lot easier and even safe their ship afer the gank.

  • After that a “Retaliation Event” where CONCORD patrols are doubled (no noobship pulling, there will be just a second spawn and the first spawn at the gate/station/belt stays there), CONCORD response time is halved, criminal timers doubled, number of security tags doubled for gaining back secstatus. Also for 14days.

And then asking for player feedback.

Yes, Eve needs destruction.
Destruction from ganking:
----- Surprise! Your dead.
Destruction from easy Hi Sec War Decs:
----- War Targets in local:
---------- Suit up or
---------- Doc up or
---------- Run for it or
---------- Call to Arms or
---------- Drop/Change corps ({{CorpName}}.001-999) or
---------- Cat and Mice games

It think the war dec stuff is more fun. And get rid of the tethering junk!

Too easy = boring.

Or maybe they understand and don’t care…

I mean, you are attacking their intelligence here, you cannot do that, it is toxic. Miners are smartest players in EVE, this is known.

Anyway, I want to inform you everyone that @Aiko_Danuja made me see the light. Now I understand that the things I was doing were wrong. I was griefing and bullying other players, now I can see it.

From now on, count with me with safe highsec. Highsec must be safe of any form of nonconsensual pvp. And actually, only green safety must be allowed in highsec. Anyone who jumps into highsec and has yellow or red safety must have it automatically toggle to green. No more griefing like here: High Sec Griefers - An Idea either!

CCP do it now till it is too late and these griefers drive away the very last players out of your game.

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If highsec is perfectly safe, players will start buying tons of stuff like crazy because they no longer have to worry about losing it. And it is not true that they wouldn’t buy another of the same ship either, they would be buying additional ships to every station in every system to maximalize their profits by having the right ship for the right job always at hand no matter where they are. This is known.

I am pretty sure you know that this isn’t true. Making a poll is the first step to force CPP to make that happen. And they know it. Once a results of that poll were in favor of removal of the ganking from the game, all the carebears who whine about it would double up their whine and start demanding CCP to make it happen because majority of players wants it.

CPP is deliberately not making any such poll to avoid that pressure from players in first place.

And we both know that if the results weren’t in favor of perfectly safe highsec, carebears will accuse CCP of rigging the poll and won’t accept it. The whining about safe highsec won’t end with this anyway so what is the point of doing that for CPP? Especially when they couldn’t care less about what are we writing on their forum.

Smells like slippery slope to me. And even if, so what? It’s still CCPs decision and they received harsh criticsism for other stuff for a long time, it’s nothing that would instantly make them crumble and submit.

Any official source for this claim or just an assumption? (not saying it isn’t true).

And reading the multiple topics here it seems to me that the Gankers whine at least as much as the carebears. It is really interesting to see that even while 99% of all players neither gank nor get ganked, it is one of the most emotionally discussed topics at the boards.

Then they wouldn’t need to care at all if the carebears increase their whining by a 100% or if anyone accuses them of cheating in the poll or whatever.

All is assumption. I don’t have hot line with CCP like JJ :wink:

So they have to care and make a poll so they wouldn’t have to care about the results? :smiley:

By not doing that poll I think it is clear that they don’t care. About players, about this forum and what players writes here.

They don’t have to care for anyhing. But if you want to keep selling your product, it has been always a good idea to look for ways to improve it (aka increase your customers satisfaction when using it). Finding out what your customers actually like or dislike is at least one step to do that.

And thats exactly the argument you (and other carebears) will use when that poll is done and CCP doesn’t do anything about it.

Can you see it now what I meant from the very beginning?

So you are afraid of arguments? What I can see is that you claim “better not ask, the answer may not go my way!”

I don’t follow at all.

Just because you flagged all my posts and got them removed doesn’t erase your or my knowledge about what happened. Other people that were involved in the thread are also aware. You are a hypocrite and can’t articulate or argue without personal insults.

I didn’t rant for 3+ hours. I merely disagreed with you and pointed out that you agreed to rules and you starting crying about that being rude, and your poor feelings. I only became very slightly rude when calling you out as the hypocrite you are.
For more than a day you were crying about your right to be a jerk, and danced around claims of freedom of speech, then when you met any resistance you flagged everything for censorship. You don’t actually want what you argue for. You want to be the only one that can be a jerk and face no consequences for it. That isnt freedom of speech by any name you want to call it. You are a hypocrite and a bully, nothing more and nothing less.


Well, your answer was that you knew that would be the argument from the beginning. That might be true, but still the argument is pretty valid, isn’t it? Companies ARE well advised to care for ways to improve their products and ARE indeed well advised to use the one or the other tool to find out what their customers think about their products. Thats common sense in the business world and used every day by successful companies. It may even be that you know pretty well it is a valid argument, thats why you are advertising to just ignore it and claim CCP doesn’t care at all and nothing written here matters at all and nobody should even think about it our talk about it.
It really looks like you are afraid of discussion, fearing that in the end it might be true that the pro-ganking faction is just a dozen people and their alts (not saying it is that way, I don’t really know), having their fun in blowing up the stuff of hundreds or even thousands of other players who feel uncomfortable about it. And that at some point CCP might come to the conclusion that it would be more benefitial for them to nerf your way of playing the game to increase the satisfaction of a way bigger part of their customers. Again, not saying it has to come this way. I just notice that people try vehemently to shut up, derail or ridicule any and all discussion about the matter.

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That is one of my favorite songs of all time. +50 dkp

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Yes it is. However, what if players wants something that would compromise integrity of the product they are offering? Especially when it is “you think you want it, but you don’t” kind. If they made something unique that noone offers and players wants it to make it removed, why should they want to do that? Because they earn more money? Well right now, I say CCP is in it only for money so OK. But speaking globally, listening to players is not always what the developers should do. It is perfectly fine to make a niche games that won’t generate milions of dollars of profits. I am providing that myself and I will never waver to players who wants to make it more WOW-like than it already is.

Where did I do that? I never said CCP shouldn’t do it. I only speculated and assumed why are they not doing it, because the though of it isn’t anything new.

I don’t know what kind of discussion should I be afraid to. Are you referring to me blocking Drac and JJ ? If so, it is really low attempt to make me unblock them. And clear proof that ignoring them is working :wink:

Yes I believe that this this poll, if CCP ever makes it will end up in favor of removal of ganking from the game. Why should I fear that? I never said CCP shouldn’t make that poll happen. In fact I am with you and other carebears in this and if this poll is ever made I will vote for removal of ganking just for lulz. You see I am actually bad person and I don’t care about what happens with this game.

Removal of highsec ganking is only benefitting me:

  1. I finally overcome my addiction to griefing other players, I can’t stop myself and AG can’t make me, so CCP must do that then.
  2. The “I told you so” when the game collapses and EVE dies will be priceless and I will enjoy it.
  3. And if the game doesn’t die and instead flourishes I have backup plan what to do after and will grief players even harder and in much more wicked way.

In that case the game developers would for sure weight the value of keeping up the integrity vs. the maybe short-sighted opinion of the players and decide not to remove or just slightly nerf the feature in question to make sure the whole idea of their product which in the case of EVE might be this “dark harsh universe” credo, does not collapse completely.

Then I must have misread you. Glad to hear that.

I don’t know who you have blocked and it matters not to me at all. No idea what fuzz some ppl have with Drac, but I assume thats old grudges, since I stuck my nose into the ganking area just recently.
No, I was under the impression you valiantly argue against CCP asking their customers about their opinion about ganking because… bad things would surely happen. No idea where his came from. Glad to hear it was a misinterpretation on my side.

Sounds like you would really only benefit from ganking being nerfed or removed. Nothing to lose, so much to gain.

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Well that’s mighty odd…as I don’t recall there being any UN monitored vote that established the evidence for your ‘large group of people’ in the first place. This is called bootstrapping…where you retrospectively try to haul up an argument from nowhere.

I see zero bona fide evidence that there is any problem to vote on. None of the ‘stop ganking’ people here have provided any. All we have from them is personal opinion and anecdotes…but nowhere in this thousands of posts long thread has a single person provided a single piece of evidence that ganking is a ‘problem’.

And with that, the ISDs might just as well close the thread. It is a pointless argument over a non-existent problem.