Solutions for fixing suicide ganking

My definition of suicide ganking: high-sec non-consensual pvp trolliing. It’s basically abusing the spirit and intent of the game mechanics regarding high-sec space. I understand EVE leaves room for bad sportsmanship and i respect the need to leave room for it to make things more challenging and suspenseful, but i dont think it should be encouraged. It should really be suicide. It’s broken because there’s no counter or checks and balances to it. And it is actually encouraged and profitable.

Solutions: instead of keeping it profitable or on the other hand removing it, make it very, very, very expensive.
If someone’s blingy mission Machariel gets cheap-shotted by 15 catalysts the mission runner may not cancel his/her subscription and remove the eve app from his/her computer if the ganker:

  1. Has to pay the full value or even the insurance payout of the ganked ship or gets the amount subtracted into negative isk
  2. Cannot increase their isk balance by any means for a week
  3. Gets held down for free shots by getting labeled a terrorist and being unable to stop flashing red, dock, and log off for a period of time greater than a few days
  4. Cannot enter the victimized system for a month.
  5. Cannot fly destroyers or battle-cruisers for a year
    More suggestions on making it suck to be a suicide ganker, and not suck to be a mission runner welcome!

So to bypass all of these restrictions you just make a new alpha character and continue on your way. This would do nothing to stop suicide ganking because the character that has to pay for the consequences would just stop being used.

Not to mention suicide ganking is a legitimate form of playing and pvp. Another solution in search of a problem.


It’s very much counterable. #1 on the list is basic situational awareness.
And with all these suggestions are terrible. They are counter to the nature of the game, lore, balance, and in many cases very easily circumvented.

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What are you? 12? I haven’t heard that phrase since grade school. Ganking has been a thing for 17 years, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Don’t want to be ganked? Then don’t make yourself a profitable target…

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Or make yourself a hard enough target.
Or keep awareness up, even in highsec.
Or lock and blap 1 or 2 of the gank ships to drop damage to survivable levels.
Or fly what you can afford to lose.
Or accept the concept of loss.

Counter play to ganking isn’t hard for mission boats, and is only a little more than basic annoyance if flying barges.

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I believe there is a language/translation/cultural issue here.

You are in favor of forcing suicide ganked players to remain in the game, until their gankers comply with your “to-do” list?

My quibble at this point is with your “may not”, in the quote above. That seems extreme to me, plus I think CCP would have difficulty enforcing something like that.

Wow, what a way to start. This has got to be a troll.

You’re going to marginalize RAPE, SHOOTINGS, and TERRORISM, because you lost a ship in a video game? Wow, the levels of entitlement are off the charts here.


You might as well go ahead and link the killmail that started this river of tears…

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  1. Making a new character after every trolling attempt isn’t profitable or easy, or practical so your wrong.
  2. it’s not legitimate per se, it’s acceptable because the devs want to keep player numbers up
  1. Hiding in a station until the terrorists leave the system or log off isnt a counter. You can’t counter an organized, instant warp in of 15 or more tiny dps boats with a dps battleship in any way. really it’s a death sentence.
  2. I’m not saying remove it I’m saying make it suck or at least unprofitable in high-sec

If they want you dead, gankers will still gank you whether it’s profitable or not. And when that happens, you’ll be right back here, whining for the complete and utter removal of ganking from high sec…

  1. You’re victim blaming like a true bully. Your quip about gradeschool shows you havent grown up or changed since then.
  2. I’m not saying remove it i’m saying make it suck to be a suicide ganker.

Come on, OP. Which one of these did you just lose?

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Says the guy who compared losing a ship in a video game to LITERAL RAPE.

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Bro I cancelled my subscription and deleted the app and there were no tears. I went back to my other hundred steam games i’ve been neglecting. I just want to use this fine venue to express my concern for the voiceless.

> rage quits
> no tears bro


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Data Laughing

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Did you just compare suicide ganking to gang rape or school shootings or terrorism? You should be ashamed of yourself.

@ISD please close this thread.

  1. That’s way off point of my OP even for an Ad hominem attack and anyway it was an alt, not my passive revenue character. Wouldn’t you like to know who it is? Too bad.

Let’s be honest here. If you compare getting killed in a video game to real life rape, school shootings, or terrorism, you have some serious mental issues. You might want to get that checked out…