Posts about nerfing highsec ganking getting removed

Yesterday i made a post detailing my reasons for quitting EVE after getting suicide ganked again. I argued that suicide ganking in highsec should be fixed in order to make less people quit EVE online.

Within 24 hours my post was removed and inserted into a 2.000 reply megathread (so basicly no one will read it now). I also notice that the start of the post my post was put into is a super onesided presentation of the arguments for allowing suicide ganking in highsec.

I honestly feel like my post is being hidden away and censored cause im saying something that veteran highsec gankers dont like (who apparently control this forum). I dont think a forum should be administered in such a way, its basicly censorship of arguments against suicide ganking in highsec and i hope CCP will take steps to encourage a free and open debate about suicide ganking by limiting the option to hide away posts arguing against it.

Here is a pic of the super onesided post mine was transfered into:

You conveniently ignored the bit at the very bottom of your screenshot. These are 29 “high sec ganking complaint” threads in 14 months, that’s over 2 per month. That’s very frequent for a single topic. It is up to the ISD how they want to handle this spam; they decided @Shipwreck_Jones made an educational and informative post to help guide people that want to keep playing the game. They made the judgement call to have “one topic” equal “one thread” instead of having forum spam of multiple threads all on the same topic. The latter would suppress free speech as the only topic people would ever find is one “high sec ganking” complaint thread per complainer; all other topics are suppressed by the constant whining. This would be “brigading of the forums” by the whiners.

Edit: In b4 lock.

Your calling it spam cause you disagree.

It is not spam to voice your concerns with the game.

That multiple people seem to share the same concern only legitimizes the argument and should make you reflect.


It’s not removed, stop being dumb. Then again, this whole issue has been about you not being capable of stopping to be dumb.


The nerf ganking argument is getting very old. Everybody in the whole world knows by now that ganking is allowed in EVE. CCP says it’s legitimate gameplay. The fact that it leads to one-sided fights doesn’t matter to your audience here.
If you want more people to know that you quit because of that you can always start a blog or make a YT video and you’ll see how many people care about your inability to accept defeat.


I used to live in a US state that made it illegal for the sea level to rise. Multiple people shared enough of the same concern and thought their argument was legitimite. It turns out, what is popular is not always right.

The fact that I am reflecting and you cannot handle the results, and so assume I must not be reflecting, says more about how shittily you are treating me, than I am you.


If you are quitting EVE:

Why does it matter? Just go on with your life and forget about CCP and EVE. If you aren’t invested in the game anymore, then how CCP manage the game and the forum is irrelevant and it will have no impact on you at all.


It is effectively removed/censored.

I only saw you post because it was moved into a thread id previously posted in. So swings and roundabouts.

And I’m reasonable new (2years) explorer (and sometimes miner) that would appreciate if you would actually take on board the points people are making to you and stop trying to ruin the game i love.


  1. From a ethical point of view, i consider it very wrong to censore peoples discussion about how to prevent the game from staling out.

  2. I can have a opinion on how the game is, as i have interest in returning should this issue be corrected by CCP. Everytime i’ve returned to EVE has been because something in EVE was changed that seemed interesting etc.

  1. If your argument is that its easier to find my post in a 2000 reply thread than here, then we simply disagree.

  2. I take everything in and consider it, though i am more serious about reflecting on the few posts that are not personal attacks.

Except they haven’t censored you. They just merged your thread into an existing thread because forum spam is a thing CCP have had to constantly manage for years. Your posts are all still visible and the topic is still able to be discussed. They aren’t censoring you.

So your argument is, that its okay to censore posts arguing against highsec ganking because they have to accept “defeat”? or what do you mean?

No the original post was not about “me not being capable of stopping to be dumb” it was about a legitimate criticism of the immersion in the game being broken when someone sacrifices the crews of multiple ships to blow up a miner to prove its boring to mine etc.

Sorry - they “effectively” censored me. No one reads a 2.000 reply thread that starts out with a super biased strawmanning of the criticism of highsec ganking.

If so many people are saying the same thing independent of eachother year after year - you might want to embrace the criticism and deal with it as opposed to considering it spam?

Having read the entirety of the moved discussion I’ve seen no evidence of that. All I’ve seen is you going on and on about a ships crew dying breaking immersion and completely ignoring the issues that would be created as a result of removing ganking. No meaningful choice in hisec, putting haulers out of business, less destruction and more supply resulting in prices tanking. All ship fits being the same.

You claim to be an industrialist in your moved thread. As an industrialist id expect you to have a minimum understanding of destruction being good for you as it creates demand and makes your game style viable.

But no……………. We get 20 or 30 posts based purely on some rp element that i have seen nobody else ever mention being used as your sole justification for radical game breaking change.

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I would like to see a post where i am being unreasnoably unserious about it. I bet you wont be able to find one, however i can find 20+ where i’ve been serious and engaging with the argument being made.

And yes i do consider the immersion broken when you suicide your ships crew to prove mining is boring. It dosent make sense to me that a captain of a ship would willingly shoot someone knowing full well he is about to be obliterated by the authorithies for the sole purpose of proving mining is boring or whatever

Just to understand your argument - you honestly think that industrialists are glad to be blown up, cause it causes more destruction, that indirectly creates more demand for ships? Cause i think almost all industrialists disagrees with you there, and would like for highsec ganking to be removed

(Saying that im sure some highsec ganker will come now and pretend to be a industrialist who loves getting blown in a unimmersive way)

The reason that thread has reached 2000 posts is because a lot of people read it and reply to it.

So many is how many?

In 2020, 1.3 million new players tried EVE. Out of that, even generously, at most 50 came to the forum and complained about ganking. That’s 0.004%, which is certainly not worth actioning.

Many more players have no issue with ganking or what EVE is.

Hence my previous reply to you that you haven’t responded to:

Can you show us anything that proves that highsec ganking is ruining the game?

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