Ganking is Out of Control

This post will attract the worst of the forum’s participants, and in-game gankers. I will not be responding to them or anyone else. No, I was not ganked and you can’t have any stuff cause I’m not going anywhere.

Players that attack in high-sec should be hit with a 10 day -10 sec status and be banned to Low-Sec for 10 days. Let them go pew-pew each other if that’s what they want to do, and let the more casual care-bear players do what they want to do.

Let the whines, insults and other typical BS commence.


Sheesh, and people say I gaslight in forums (I don’t tho), I agree in principle, I think with the changes and continuing of nerfing high sec while buffing low by way of incentives (NOX), they should populate low with ghetto players so they can all Yuck it up in low giving life to the region that people have always claimed was mostly empty and unprofitable.

PVP is still easily done in high by those who actually want pvp and not fish in a barrel.

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The OP had it all covered already.


Funny, because you don’t exactly come across as someone looking for a reasoned discussion.

Resource extraction is what is out of control. Everything is farmed and min-maxed. The only source of dynamic uncertainty left in the system is ganking.

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Did you really need another thread for such a pouty, low-content post?

Take it to the proper place as Jones said:

but why?

Probably because OP lost expensive ship he shouldn’t be flying

I’ve been ganked in high sec my self… big fn deal… build a bridge and get over it… or if you can beat them… join them…

i mentioned to someone once about ganking and how it works in high sec… he nearly quit the game because they are allowed to do it…

good god!

Players that cry about gankers should be hit with a life time ban from the forums and a deletion of their account because they lack the spine to play EVE Online.


CCP has the market data in HS. If they see imbalance, Nerf will come. Suicide gankers are just part of the market chain. They are not untouchables.

For once and for all, and especially for you @Souxi_Svah: “hisec” refers to concord rule application, “legal” refers to those rules of engagement, not to the gameplay itself.
Here’s the list of “pvp-free” systems, also known as Kindergarten for those who like to pretend to play EvE after they’ve done the tutorials. I suggest you stay there until you gain some insight.

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