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Hi all,

Have been thinking of starting a corp. The one thing I like about eve is the in game politics and how the game is pretty much player driven and want to try and make this what the corp is about. You always see corps of one type, indy, PvP etc and then those larger corps with 100s if not 1000 memnbers all doing their own thing, and just like to be part of a corp for the social element. When looking for a corp I always wanted a corp that would offer more than I can get from the game alone. Role playing is an example but I think to keep that going is a lot of hard work and upkeep and caters for a very specific player. So I have an idea to try and have a go between.

The idea is to have a corp, the larger the better, with its own parliament type democracy. Within the corp it would be encouraged for players to form their own parties/factions and each period an election would be held with the winning corp pretty much taking the reigns of the corp, meaning the corp could start off as in indy corp, but if at an election a party who wants more PvP is voted in by the members then that is what the corp will become. The winning party would then be responsible for the basic running of the corp. including staffing it and providing the members with whatever it is they need to do that the party decides, meaning they will have to also budget the corp wallet and manage income and expenses. This will stop a party taking over a high sec mining corp and turning it into a null sec PvP and moving in a day as they would have to ensure they can afford to provide for everyone to make the move also. Making the changes gradual. Parties won’t be allowed to put in a manifesto forward if it’s impossible to do such as making the corp PvP based and getting all players in fitted ships and also build a dozen structures all in null sec, all at the expense of the corp wallet. This would more than likely not be possible, especially if the members are not in possession of the skills to do such a drastic move. But saying this, if a manifesto like this was put forward and members felt they didn’t want it or was not ready for it then it would not be voted in.

All big decisions would be put to a parliamentary vote, meaning the corp will be shaped by the members.

Of course, not everyone will be expected to form these parties or be part of them, but they will have a vote in elections, regardless. Besides the parliament, members will be able to treat the corp the same way as any other corp. They can come in and do mining, mission running, PvP etc. Whatever it is they want. How the corp involves themselves with such activities though will be up to the party in charge.

As you can see, I’m trying to go for a unique structure. Is this something that’s been done before? Has anyone been part of such a thing? Also, is it something you would be interested in?

Answer on a postcard! o7

The first corp I joined was run somewhat along these lines, with one exception. The CEO owned the majority of the corp shares, so if a vote (among the “electorate”) passed, which was in his opinion (due to his greater experience in EVE Online) a mistake, he would veto it.

While I was a member, to the best of my knowledge he never “vetoed” a vote; but the possibility was there.

That corp voted on lots of decisions. Elections were often heated, and discussion was loud, with people expressing their hard held opinions. In short, it was full of drama.

I had a wonderful time there, even though in the end I left due to decisions made.

That corp made EVE seem alive, in a way I’ve never experienced again.

We even had an infiltrator join the corp and try to swing it from your basic pve to pvp corp. And the drama that caused…was wonderful! (And it was an infiltration, not just a difference of opinion, because I talked to the guy afterwards.)

I do think it is a lot of emotional work to maintain a corp structured along those lines, so give it a good think…but, it was (my first corp) fun.

Going by the sounds of it, that’s what I want! Lol

I want there to be drama, differences of opinion etc. It adds another element to the politics thats alredy in place in eve lol As long as its on the spirit of the game and not personal, than let the drama commence! Lol

Nice idea.
I am myself planning ahead and trying to figure out how my corporation/ alliance will be. Will try to make a faction.
I am, and would be interested to see some sort of in-alliance politics of some sort. I know somewhat what I want and the direction of the corporations and the alliance/ faction I will make would take.
I am also interested to try out and I am doing my best with this character to do roleplaying as I am trying to make a story based upon player made lore that goes side by side with the eve online lore. I have a nice story in my mind that am currently trying to figure out and type down to a some kind of novel I guess. I am trying to create something unique that stands out with a reputation to boot.

If you would be interested then let’s have a chat later on through in-game mail.

Have you checked out the Fiction Portal in the forums?

Like I mentioned, RP would be way too much hassle for myself, but if I get this idea of the corp going, having someone in full RP mode, even a whole party would be an interesting addition to the politics withing the corp lol

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