Thoughts on corporations

just had a thought.

what if founding a corporation not only is a case of skill but a case of an ACTIVE game play

I was thinking there might be something too look at if a corp CEO’s activity dips for a pro-longed amount of time, maybe corp members get a vote to replace CEO. but even as I type this I don’t really like that concept i think replacing a highly inactive CEO is probably a reasonable idea in concept, however there are many instances where people know about it and are cool.

I dunno, maybe someone on here who will build on the idea could contribute something to shake something loose

edit: maybe we can start phasing out / recycling old corp names, a player who owns a corp which has been inactive for about a year, why not automatically allow the purchase the shares off of a game regulated stock exchange.

I just had a thought too. And I think its a really good one: Maybe you should just go and play the game for like 5 years and collect experience, make relations, create something own and enjoy what EVE has to offer. And when that part is done, come back with all the cool ideas to change what really bothers you. Sounds great, does it?


If you dont like the corp you are in because of leadership, find a new corp.

If you think you should be able to take over a corp because you dont like the way it is being ran, find a new corp.

If you think you are entitled to run a corp as the CEO make one and run it the way you want to.

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yeah… i’ve done all this.

you’re missing the point.

corporations should be founded based off of activity.
dead or inactive corps should be phased out or otherwise reused.

when you’re new or between corps and you go fishing for a corporation
it sucks when you find one which publicly says “30 people” so you go “cool a nice little group to join” but its basically dead and no one has logged on for a few months other than 2 guys and that one multiboxer.

Yeah that dose suck.
Find a new corp.

Some corps boot people that are not active.

However the other side of this discution is the CEO. I am the CEO of a one man corp for many reasons, the inportant one is I had to take a break for a few years from eve.
Would it be fair for you to be able to take my corp, or even just the name?

but most corps in game are dead corps.

well if you were inactive and only a one man corp, all the corp assets moved to a personal hanger and shares in your corp traded on a stock exchange so people who were interested could freely purchase those shares and take the corp name, why would it be an issue, when you come back you could just find a new corp? OR perhaps make a new corp especially given that now you’re more active if you still wanted to go at it alone.

Becuse now that I am back it is easy for old member to see and rejoin.

well under normal circumstances the corp would of been active and if you had directors and people in the proper roles the corp would of stayed alive, at which point you returned and its all good?

if there was a problem you could of resigned and assigned a director as CEO.

my thought was mainly towards the long dead corps, the ones where the players are very much “yeah, no i’m not coming back, burn the thing down”

I that case the active players should find a new corp.

Going back to your example (30 inactive members 2 active and 1 of those is an alt) the only way this should happen is if the corp is set to auto except applications ( personally a dumb idea) or that one player has enough control to accept them. In the later case it’s that one player’s fault. And you should find a new corp.

This is where you need to do your due diligence on a Corp before joining.
For a pvp corp, check their killboards, how many have been active in the last week, month?
For a pure industry or pve Corp, this might not be much help I confess.

There is already a mechanism in the game for Corp members to replace a CEO. It requires you to hold shares in the Corp and force a vote for a new CEO. Granted, shares are usually very tightly held by founding members for exactly this reason.

Simply ending a Corp after X period of inactivity is kind of arbitrary. Some eve players will leave the game for a year or two then come back. Or they’re forced offline for some reason or another (i didn’t play for the better part of a year thanks to a sparks flying out of my graphics card incident).
How happy will such players be to come back to eve only to discover their alt Corp has been disbanded? What happens to assets in Corp hangers or blueprints in the Corp library?
All of this to what benefit to the community?

true. I suppose it comes down to really wanting to have corporations much more associated with play style and ultimately activity, sure there’s going to be badly managed or disorganized corps out there but if the corp is dead, maybe there could be a notice or something instead “warning this corp has had low activity for the last 3 months, are you sure you want to apply”

i speak from personal experience on this when bouncing between as many corps as i have, this could of solved HUGE issues in itself.

While I wholeheartedly agree, I’m not sure Caldari State can keep up the supply of Ibis that would be required if our adventurous OP were to regularly undock.

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