Any tips on how to run a corp

Basically, I have tried in the past to run corps but it has gone ify at best mostly due to the fact we have a lot of players that quit the game. though any advice in general would be great.

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Best tip would be to join a good corp and see how they do it.

While observing modern corping in the wild, you could also read up on things like:


As a former CEO of a small mining corp. (size of about 25 active people) you gotta be there in the OPs with people. You gotta be in space doing stuff. Can’t run a corp via proxy. I was burnt out as a part time alpha/part time omega running incursions and also recruiting people and fueling stations. I just wasn’t there as the leader my people needed. Sadly, many just stopped playing EVE and others left on pretty good terms.

Many people will simply quit EVE no matter how active you are just a fact of HS corps. Vets and Newbros. Part of it is the corp culture/personalities and part of it is how they like/dislike the game EVE is largely a self-taught game no matter how much hand holding you do as a leader.

I wrote some stuff on CEOs ages ago in other threads but in short really being a ceo is a huge time commitment if you want to build a serious corp.

I will also say that corps need to have a specific goal in mind. Like any small business they start out by selling/doing one thing and doing that REALLY good. As they grow they diversify (like the big NS corps)

I would be skeptical of a corp that lists 10-15+ different things they do/offer and their size is only 30 characters :sweat_smile: (Newbros and vets alike do ask how many PEOPLE are active! Most common question I got.)

If I had more time and was not rusty at recruitment I know I could jumpstart the PI corp I am in that offers 0% tax in WH space with a HS static. Believe it or not people were actually intrested! We just hung out, kept the BMs going, talked about PI setups and beyond that we didn’t care what else they did. I encouraged them to learn how to do explo and actually encouraged them to find employment in bigger WH corps. It was fun and humble at the same time.

Sadly, again just ran into that roadblock of people simply not committed to EVE. RL really took over their lives (and mine) and they simply stopped playing despite how active I was. :man_shrugging:

I got a few more corp stories but yah. Being a CEO/executive helping to build a corp is exhausting and requires tons of time and decent social skills.

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I’d say I’m running a rather successful corp/alliance and honestly I’d say it’s because I treat it like a job. I make sure all the work I do looks professional, clean, and organized. I send out regular updates and get the opinions of the members all the time. I manage a discord for the corp/alliance as well making keeping in touch with members easier. I use the tools within game to my advantage also. Like the bulletins for corp/alliance. MOTD for corp and alliance. The newer activities section has been interesting but I’m still learning how to properly deal with that.

Id also recommend organizing events. Find something you enjoy doing and build the corp around that. Helps you find other people who also enjoy it. Daily or even weekly events you can do together on said topic you enjoy can help with member bonding.

To be completely honest I feel it’s best to spend a lot of time in a pre existing corp and learn the ways before jumping into it by making your own corp but to each their own.

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