What is the best way to get people to join corps

how do I get people to join my corp? haulers and miners to join it inevitably
(if you want send an application to the dragon wariors)
and I know it is spelled wrong

Offer free ships or some form of ship replacement if those ships are used inside a corp fleet.

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Free starting ships, access to equipment and modules via corporate hangar, scheduled corp events, and some form of voice chat such as Discord.

Also public join chat so people can ask their own questions before signing up.

On the second thought, I would instead suggest you joining an established corp instead of running one. At least until you get to know stuff.

If you want miners you need to be able to offer frequent boosted mining fleets.
That way they can mine more, get access to compression and have people to talk to while doing it.
Offer an ore “buy back” program at or very close to jita prices. So they don’t have to haul it to market themselves.

Fit out a dozen T1 frigates and take them on PvP roams in low sec or host in Corp frigate tournaments. You want them getting some PvP experience so you can defend a structure as you grow.

If you see players mining alone in belts send them a mail or try and chat them up


When you bring players into your corp you become their guide to the game. You are responsible for their entertainment, development and safety. For that reason I highly recommend you don’t invite other players into your corp unless you’re confident you know what you are doing, are capable of teaching others about the game and keeping them occupied with fun activities. If you aren’t, join someone else’s corp to learn how or stay on your own.

Assuming you’ve done your homework and you’re not trying to exploit other players, the rest depends on what your corp does and what kind of members you’re looking for. Think about why anyone should join your corp and not someone else’s. What are you providing?

In general though:

Be active. Be genuine. Learn the game. Have goals. Be helpful. Be patient. Understand that everyone has different ideas of fun; from miners to gankers, and all of them are OK.


it isnt about free ships, that is a short term thinig. infrastructure is long term. having places to reprocess with maximum yield, places to build anything up to titans. a place to research with bonuses. but most of all, a group of people that are actually fun to hang out with in comms. it also helps not to be a new corp with no history. IRC is one of the oldest alliances in the game. we are still here because we offer what i have listed above . one way to grow your corp is to join an alliance that has the infrastructure so you ahve that to offer potential members. good luck in your efforts
if you have questions feel free to contact dorfsorc in game


thanks, I mite join it right now there is only 2 players in the corp including me but I’ll see.

tell then there is candy there :candy: :lollipop:

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Have a girl in it, or at least someone who can pull off pretending to be one really well.


i can confirm that women are delicious
and its a common truism that the best way to get a long and happy relationship is to hit on a person that may or not be one and live in the other side of the world
as a example i will attach a mail i once sent to @Destiny_Corrupted who was at the moment making amarr her home station

i didn’t got any response so far but thats normal , the more you insist the more chances you will have
i consider that a big development in our relationship and plan one day to move to her house
were i will occupy the sofa and do nothing while she can work , do the house chores
and take care of the babies OFC (on the case we can have any because of the uncertain nature of any of us having a uterus )

and people say dating is hard nowadays , bunch of noobs


That was in March. You’re starting a corporation after 3 months of figuring out how to make isk and getting your first cruiser?
You’re not even on zKillboard, why should I take you seriously?

Whoa, easy there Pepé Le Pew-Pew, I only have one bathroom.

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we can share it

Does the carrot on the end of the stick receive the same or similar treatment?

i don’t know
one day a girl sent me a carrot by mail
they say carrots improve your eyesight
it must be a lie because i never saw her again


You need some kind of value proposition: why should someone join your corp over another one or remaining solo? What can you do for them, and what do you expect in return?

Also, for Bob’s sake spell the name properly. You look clueless if you can’t even spell the damn name of the corp right.

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Apparently it’s still available

Well, I mostly agree with Daichi here, but I don’t think that it is strictly necessary that you be an expert, or even be good at the game, in order to create a good corp. I’ve played with guys who were terrible, and still had a blast, because they had chill corp culture and good attitudes. So, I guess it kind of depends on the corp you’re trying to build. You probably won’t rise up to conquer half of nullsec with a “lets-suck-at-Eve-together” approach to the game -but, does that matter if you and your guys are having fun?

That being said, yes, if you do recruit newbros, don’t be one of those turd CEO’s that sets their newbros up for failure and frustration. Teach them how to rise up to challenge and adversity. Show them how to remain positive and resilient in the face of setbacks. Instill in them idea that they are responsible for their successes and failures.

Or, you know, you could sit around complaining about the direction of the game, and how unfair non-consensual PvP is, and then blame CCP when they quit on you.


Excuse me little newbro, I lost my fedo. Will you help me find him?

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