How can i get people to join my corp

how do i get people to join my corp it’s a mining corp in amar in igh sec but goes all the way to null

You could start by posting here:

Also, you can leave little messages in Local stating that your corp is recruiting and adding any sort of incentives to the recruits ( if any. A good incentive is ship replacement and another is ore buyback at better prices than Jita or Amarr.)

Good luck!


Join the Mining chat channel in-game, invite from there. Same for the Recruitment channel.

Fly around Amarr space and leave all those mobile depots that get renamed to say “Hey my corp needs you, and we’re uniquely special! Just like all the other corps!”


What they said.

I’ll just add that convincing a bunch of RL friends or clan members from other games to join you in EVE is a great way to play as well. The bonus being that they are less likely to steal everything not nailed down from your corp hangars.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


i’m part of that and almost got shoved off for that

Being an EVE CEO is a real tough job. Yes I say it’s a job because it is. Takes a lot of work + infrastructure+ a good brand/values people can get behind.

Today most people won’t join corps w/o Citadel infrastructure. (debatable) A citadel home is a really good pull for most new players and veterans alike. I was a CEO of a small HS moon mining corp of about 10-15 players + boxes generally from NS all worn out at the time. We lasted about 6 months and it was a nice experience. I had a good RP going people liked it and joined for a time. Starting a corp in EVE is honestly as hard as starting an RL successful small business. If not harder! I wish you luck on your corp. Being a CEO is a full time job. I was running my corp while doing incursions and other side stuff. Caused a lot of burnout :smiling_face_with_tear: still a great learning experience met a lot of cool people.

I used EVE fourms to post my ad and I was assertive in recruitment chat. English recruitment chat is a shark tank. Don’t froget in game corp ads you can pay ISK for and passively advertises your corp to anyone who might be comparable. Other than that there are places on reddit, discord, social media might help. Dedicated people even have their own corp websites.

  • Offer people money to join.
  • Pretend to be a girl.
  • Join someone else’s corp, then siphon their members or cause drama and get them to follow you to your corporation instead.

Give shares to the members, you can give for free if you want to stick around or you can ask ISK for shares then you can run away with the ISK.

Shares scam, one of the oldest scams I know.


Let’s just ignore all the ones that get by just fine on social engineering and burning through new players.

For the op along with what everyone else has said a tip i can give us use as few filters as possible on your ads. Unlike modern search engines it tries to match people based on exact filters.

For example if you mark hs,ls,ns in area of operation a player searching for just hs will have your ad moved under corps that only marked hs or marked hs and ls.

You can put up more than one ad so even if you want your Corp doing multiple activities you’re better off splitting them as opposed to putting them all in a single general one.

Likewise have a chat channel linked rather than just having people mail you/recruiters.

Make corp 0% tax

recruit based on that

3 months later slam it up as high as you like


Make an alt and send out NPC recruitment corpmails for a small fee :money_mouth_face:

that goes a long way
i mean
nothing against
if final fantasy people can have fake waifus
why we cant ?

Literally that is how like all EVE corps start out as… Friend groups or a person asking other random people to join my corp because we do XYZ and I believe in ABC and I have superior infrastructure (aka citidels/low tax pocos) What am I missing?

Unless EVE corps start a different way, I am all ears.

Go to starter systems and use in game mail, mail to new players in system, if they are interested they will reply.

Final Fantsy people ARE waifus.

And man they are so good at it.

Such a better game all in all

Every single decent corp is built around a solid friendship group and/or a charismatic leader.

Do you have friends?
Are you able to project some charisma and show leadership qualities (in comparison to the other nerds you’re going to associate with in-game)?

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whats sad is that the only other person in my corp is one of my friends but he has not played since February

The hint is that you’re better off joining a corp first, making some friends, learning how to do stuff and generate content for people, and then strike out to make your own corp.


Frankly, if one has to ask that question it’s probably not (going to be) a good group.

everyone knows woman don’t play eve…(joking)

but I am sure this works regardless.