Couple of new bros looking for a corp


Me and a mate have recently started playing Eve are currently looking for a corp. We are currently in one but it’s not what we are looking for. The main thing is that we want people to mentor us in this extremely complicated game, and point us in the right direction. We are interested in Mining (which is what we’ve been mainly doing), Industry, and PVP. Obviously may be some other aspects of the game we don’t know about but may be interested in. Due to our timezone we are looking for activity around the GMT Timezone. Preferably somewhat organised.

Please message me on Discord as I probably won’t see the forums as much.
Discord: Ben#0576


discord request sent.

Join eve university and then come talk to us once you are ready to move to nullsec

Good morning

Join the Obsidian Conclave. We are a corp that is looking for new players to grow and learn with the corp we have no requirements to join and we iffe a lot of learning

We focus on mining at the moment but will also do some comvat sites as well

We are growing and as we learn an gather strength we will expand the corp and move into the pvp as well

Feel free to join me in my discord to chat at

Or mail me in game on MrJTheGr8

Hope to see you soon and fly safe.

Kind Regards
CEO & Founder

Have a look at joining us mate, we have plenty of people that can help you learn.

Hiya Ben Sorry this is a bit long. Trying to mention everything in a short amount of space is hard lol here is our ad. ENFTG Eve No Fs To Give have no structures so NO WARS. We are like an NPC corp but YOU pay half the tax and Half goes back in your Pocket. WIN WIN.
Do whatever you want. Do what your doing now. With 1 exception do not bring Aggro to our corp. Corp Discord will be given when you join. You will not see anything until accepted as a corp Valued member and everything will be unlocked. NOT compulsory. We hope to join in with the fun mining boosted fleets occasionally I boost at 30.2% and still training. We hope to take our corp members into bigger security missions then they have the skills for. So they can grow and reap bigger rewards and grow faster. Level 4 mission running. We wish to attract anyone Globally. So there is always someone to chat to and fly with. English 1st language but Other language Fleet channels available in Discord chat. If you prefer to talk your native language in fleets. We live mainly in High sec but do what you want go where you want. We have members that do Exploration and Worm holing. Clan Deals also available. See Discord for more details. Buy back. Discounts or help mine what you need to build what you want. Everything goes. Please join us and have some fun. Eve No Fs To Give GL and HF. We are also solar system in High sec and we have 18 asteroid belts just outside our HQ. Hope to hear from you Both soon all the best HF and fly safe Psycojohno

Happy to chat to you both if your interested in my corp, we also have a post in this section of the forum, might be worth taking a minute to read what we do? either way i hope you find a place to call home!!

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