Forming a new corp, a very interesting task

I have found very hard to recruit members for a corp. More so if it is a small corp or even a very new corp with no members on it.

To me it seems very challenging and full of opportunities. Joining a first stage corporation means being a founder member. Somebody that participates in the designing process, in the decision making on where we want to take our game to, the structure of the corporation itself.

So I have boarded this adventure and I am thinking on how to structure power, roles, titles and the basic needs we will require to function.

If anybody shares this input to help create a society and the meta-game involved in doing so, please send me in-game mail. If not, the tittle of this post should have deter you already and you should look for other offers.

The backbone of any corporation is (imho) a basic PvP fleet capable of inspire a fair amount of respect. Also industrial and diplomatic roles makes the difference between a corporation and a horde.

So this is pretty much my message to you. Everything is yet to be done so expect not much but a setting up game in which you can make a mark.

Thank you.


A few changes came with first recruits, so now we can start talking about some offers besides being the creators of the corp already mentioned.

*Discord, quite obvious.
*Orca boost, for those interested in mining. For now in High sec.
*Ore buy program also for them miners.
*PvP training and theory knowledge.
*We are in initial talks to Null sec landlord -whose name wont be mentioned- to evaluate the profitability of a possible settlement of our activities under Intel protected space.

Nothing of these are set in stone as it will be up to the first twelve founding members to decide which way to go.

The more people I get to help the more exponentially fast things will move but I will cap the recruitment at 12 as I want -before continuing- to build, among those, a solid bound of common project.

I hope you decide to give us a try.

I’m going to be working irl so I wont be very active until Thursday night but I will bump up this thread and will come to you for any questions you may have. Contact here or in game.

Thank you.

Leadership positions to fill.

Interesting alliance offers also knocking our door but they don’t mean anything without more people filling the ranks.

My advice would be to stick in highsec for now. As a small corp you can mine moons, run missions, and pvp with small ships until you build an identity.

I recently just started a corp up and it worka best building slowly. There is plenty to do based in high sec for small corps with new members.

Send me a mail if you’d lile to chat about an alliance. My corp and a sister corp are doing juat that in 2 weeks. Good luck.


I’m very new to the game (only logged in 2 or 3 times). Is your intention to solicite for more experienced member or complete beginners? If it’s for complete beginners then i’m Interested!

Hey Peevee,

I agree about going slowly and, yes, we are going to take it slowly. Anyway this week has being very good, with some highs and lows but on the whole I am very satisfied. I am… we are receiving already some alliance offers and will consider all of them very carefully. As you say we first need to build an identity and highsec is the place to work and grow for a while.
Thanks for the input I will add you to contacts so we can chat about your alliance, hopefully in a few weeks.

Hi Steve,

Sorry for the delay, I did not check the forums in the last 24 hours. Well, welcome to EvE Online in the first place, this is a very deep and profound game that takes forever to master if such a goal can ever be accomplished.

Mainly we need players with experience but having new players and help them getting started is something we always will do.

While in the game, type my name in any text window and select the text. Right click on my name after selected and follow the menu “auto link > character”. This is a cool tip so you can have a direct link to many things and places in game. From that link you can send me a message in-game and we will arrange a spot for you in our crew. Fair enough?

Sounds good.

Bring your people to my corp and enjoy all that null has to offer.

Aiden :slight_smile:

See, this right here is a huge red flag, a corp that forms only to be a vassal is a corp that will not last because it has no spine

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In our table there are not taboo subjects that cannot be mention, and it would be unwise not to give a thorough consideration to any offer sent our way. Including a rent for better profit. What fool would not protect Null sec operations with Intel measures and any means available? I guaranty you that other than the monthly fee and the obvious respect for the host’s customs and traditions we would not pay any other form of servitude nor allegiance, should this the route we’d take, which is still far from being decided.

Thank you.

Here’s a newb question about corporations. If i’m Minmatar, I can join a corporation that has multiple races as long as that corporation isn’t engaged in FW right? If i can join that corp, are most corp bases in low Sec or null?

The race of your character has nothing to do whith joining a corporation (not anymore) of joining any side in FW millitias. That is your standings that could stop you.

Anyway our corporation has no intention in joining any fight concerning Factional Warfare.

As for now, and we need to grow in numbers and functionality to change that, we are operating in high sec only. We have a full power citadel outside high sec but it is playing no role yet to anything we are for now doing.

I am happy with the people joining us these days. Not big numbers but top class dudes. The efforts are starting to yield the first harvest but this is only the beginning. I want more people. So for now the guys are setting an industry wing and we are offering Orca boost and Ore buy back program to miners wishing to join.

The PvP battalion will come, the PvE, the big plans… but only if the recruitment persist, and if it is all about my determination, I tell you it will come.

For now I need, above all, people that want to lead and organize. This number is twelve and twelve will be the head of the monster.

I am sure we can create for you a role that fits your wish.

Thank you.

Sounds good! You should see a request from me shortly. What time zone are you in? I live in Alaska.

I’m thinking on giving an Astrahus as a reward to those making a thousandth kill on our corporation kill mail.

So, yes, PvPers wanted.

Hello @DHuncan.

I just stopped by to say hello, give you an official forum bump and wish you much success with your endeavors. Running a long lasting Corp or Alliance is a huge undertaking. I admire what you are trying to accomplish as EVE needs more people just like you.

If you ever want some advise or simply are looking to chat with others regarding life of a CEO, stop by and join our Discord Server, ask for Diplo roles…

WHSOC - Jump to be Known

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC Executive Council

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When you corp gets to 20-25 active members you may want to explore joining the Diplomatic Immunity Alliance. Currently we hold sov in 7 systems in the Querious region. Own sov, we do not rent.

Anyway you can chat with us on VITRI Public, or PM Karura Hagakure if you would like a private chat.

Thank you very much guys. Glad to know you are out there in the darkness of space.

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Standard add

We are starting from scratch, yet we are taking solid strides. We are looking for players to build the head of the monster, but we’ll accept everyone willing to play in a team.

We offer:




*Training (mainly for PvP, we’ll make a man of you;).

*ONE BILLION ISK reward for a 1,000th green mark in our killboard.

*Leadership positions.

*Orca boost (in High sec for now). Yes, we have an industrial branch.

*Ore buying back program.

*Discord voice comms.

We expect:



*You do what you said you are going to do.

*Not attendance policy but when you log, say something. Dont hide among the crowd. It makes you look like a spy. We send this to spies.

Once we have the number of players we want we will end this initial term of recruitment and we will build our bonds, sharpen our skills and prepare for our next move.

Contact us -The recruiters-.