Crimson Sanctuary need more pilots! Both individual pilots and minor corporations to merge with us


(Aideron Audeles) #1

You don´t have to be mental to be here, but it helps :wink:

We are looking for all sorts of players and corporations:

Do you love PVP ?
Then this is the place for you. We have plenty of opportunities for you to spread your wings and excel in PVP engagements, wether you are a newbie or a veteran pilot.

Do you love industry ?
Are you a budding industialist, or maybe already an experienced industry magnate, then Crimson Sanctuary has a place for you.

New player ?
Don´t panic. We have veteran players that will help you and share their expertice with you.


  • Sov Null Sec space in upgraded systems.
  • Member of a great Alliance that encourages teamwork across corporations.
  • PvP and Industrial pilots that can and will help.
  • Profit Sharing Program for corp members.
  • Competent and experienced leadership.
  • Mature and respectful players.
  • Real Life comes first.
  • Alliance and Corp buy back programs for ore/Ice/PI.
  • Ship Handout Program for certain operations.
  • Skill Book Handout Program for new players.
  • Accepts players from all timezones.
  • We use Teamspeak 3, Mumble and Discord.

Join our recruitment channel CSAN Public or send an ingame mail to Aideron Audeles to get in touch with us.

With respect
Aideron Audeles

Looking to rent space in null
Forming a new corp, a very interesting task
Small indy/pve corp looking for a home In null
100M SP Returning Player
110 mil sp newbro
50m + sp player looking for new home!
Looking for pve-mining-industry null sec corp
6 mil SP character LF Null Sec Pve/pvp corp
Semi New Pilot looking for home
13mln sp pilot looking for null/wh corp
Old player returning...looking for a corp to join
Looking for a corp with a legitimately mature culture
5m SP Miner LF Nul Primary Mining Group
Looking for recommendations for reliable lowsec corps (Tranquility)
3 Accounts(Orca Pilot) LF Mining Corp
Returning player looking for a null corp
Looking for a clean slate in EVE (Returning Player)
Indy character looking for new home
Old Guy Returning
Returning miner/logi pilot looking for nullsec home maybe
Returning Vet. looking for Corp
Returning player looking for Corp
127 mil SP Bittervet, Make me love Eve again
(Aideron Audeles) #2

Lets go

Returning player looking for high sec industrial corp in minmatar space
2 Indy toons seek a home
(viper09) #3

Can say Aideron and his guys are mentl but very good fun to fly with

(Aideron Audeles) #4

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

(Aideron Audeles) #5


(Aideron Audeles) #6

We still want You !

(Aideron Audeles) #7

Still open for business :slight_smile:

(Aideron Audeles) #8

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

(Aideron Audeles) #9

Join now.

(Aideron Audeles) #10

Still recruiting

Experienced player looking for a growing corp
I just want to rat in null sec
65 mil Character return to game - Null
12M SP returning player looking for active corp
Looking for Active Corp // 2 character 49M sp
33mil sp pilot returning to game to try game again usa TZ
Looking For A New Pilot Friendly Corp. And A Question
100MIL+ SP Player Entertaining Corp Suggestions (Null + Industry + PVP)
40m Returning Player EU TZ
Returning Player 24m SP -Looking for Null - UK TZ
Looking for a Null Corp
(Aideron Audeles) #11

Join now :slight_smile:

31Mil Sp Character looking for null sec corp
Returning pilot looking for large, fiendly social corp
Returning pilot looking for nullsec home
Two returning bitter vets Lf lowsec home
2 AU guys looking for something new (PvE/PvP)
Two new/returning players looking for friendly Corp! :D
(Aideron Audeles) #12

Still recruiting

(Aideron Audeles) #13

Join the fun :slight_smile:

(Aideron Audeles) #14

Still room for more :slight_smile:

(Aideron Audeles) #15

Join up now :slight_smile:

(Aideron Audeles) #16

Bring it baby

(Aideron Audeles) #17

Recruiting fighters and lovers. Probably mostly fighters :slight_smile:

(Aideron Audeles) #18

Join up.

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(Aideron Audeles) #20

Keep coming