Legends Unbound Null sec PVP and industry recruiting now

Greetings! We are looking to recruit new pilots to our corporation to bolster our force and activities.
We are looking for null sec PVP pilots, preferably who has FC experience though not essential.
Miners and PVEers who would like to gain heavy isk income.

We offer:

  • High sec industrial facilities
  • Short and Safe null sec pipe to our main area of operations
  • Access to ABC ores, Top end Ice, Top end PVE and excellent exploration
  • Ship replacement program
  • corp owned ships for use in operations
  • skilled dedicated leadership
  • Voice comms and standing fleet for command and control and planning
  • US and EU pilots for round the clock activity
  • Buy back program for ice, ore, modules and salvage
  • convo me for more details

All we ask is that you:

  • Be able to use voice comms
  • Submit a full unlimited API when asked
  • Not be a drama queen
  • be social and want to fly in a team

To join please convo me in game and/or join our public channel “Legends Recruitment” in game.

Fly safe!


Recruitment is OPEN please convo me in game for details.
Alphas welcome!

We are still recruiting!
PVPERS roll up we have plenty of open combat going on right now, SRP in operation.

Miners wanted for null sec mining, ore buy back in operation.

Join today for fun, glory and profit!!!

Recruitment open, drop in for a chat and have your API ready and join us today!

Recruitment still open, convo me for details

Great corporation with nice people, joined a few months ago and have really enjoyed my time. Perfect place if you want the best of both high and null sec.

We are now recruiting newbros and veterans alike. Miners and PVPers.
Convo me in game for a chat or join Legends Recruitment channel in game.

Recruitment still open! Join today for much riches and fun!

As always recruitment still open! We have recently increased our logistics arm and have an in-corp shopping service now available for all your wartime shopping needs!

ABC ores
Easy going leadership with nothing mandatory
Voice comms
PVP on tap
Top notch ratting and ice mining and now with added capital industrial facilities!
Come and join the fun folks!

Recruitment is still open.
Does your corp suck?
Do you get treated like crap?
Are you just a number?
Would you rather be a valued friend of the team able to contribute in your own way with nothing forced upon you?
Convo me in game for details or join our recruitment channel and get to know us.

Recruitment is OPEN my dudes!

Recruitment is a go!

Best Corp ever <3

Great Corp

In game channel , come say hi

Unbound Recruitment