Looking For A New Pilot Friendly Corp. And A Question

ive been playing eve for a year now, but im still at newbies levels due to me constantly logging off the game, and ive confused my self on what I wanted to do in the game

That’s Why Ive been searching for a new pilot friendly Coorperation for me to settle into,
Currently im In the mood for
Mission Grinding
Trading (Sometimes)

Things I Want To Learn
Different variety Of Strategy in Game
Modules and Stuff
PVP ( God Help Me )

And A Question
Since im not very active in the last year, ive haven’t learn much
Still Running Level 1 Mission , Never went into Factional Wars,
And Never Went To Null Sec ( Except that one time I went to worm hole, and spend 30 Seconds in null XD )

Therefore is it better for me
*To Stay at High Sec for now just to learn more stuff
*or Go to Low Sec , since that’s where most of the game content is

sry If I wrote like a child :#
But I want to actually tackle another harsh, diificult games, ive been reading a lot of the forum post recently
and yeahz, its Summer Holiday so I actually have time to spend on Eve now,
that’s it I hope I find a new home to settle to :slight_smile:
ive got discord too, to ease communication within the corp
And my TZ in Singapore time ( yeah that’s gonna be a problem )

Thx gaiz

Come out to nullsec with Sith Navy. We will train you and even provide ships so you can go out and and learn with no worries. I will contact u in game soon

@Steel_Button Feel free to come out to nullsec in the Red SKull Federation. We focus on PvP and Indy, we can teach you a lot about pvp if you so wish, we are mainly US/EU tz :slight_smile:

Hey we may be a good fit for you.

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