Crimson Sanctuary need more pilots!

You don´t have to be mental to be here, but it helps :wink:

We are looking for all sorts of players and corporations:

Do you love PVP ?
Then this is the place for you. We have plenty of opportunities for you to spread your wings and excel in PVP engagements, wether you are a newbie or a veteran pilot.

Do you love industry ?
Are you a budding industialist, or maybe already an experienced industry magnate, then we have a place for you.

New player ?
Don´t panic. We have veteran players that will help you and share their expertice with you.


  • Sov Null Sec space in upgraded systems.
  • Member of a great Alliance that encourages teamwork across corporations.
  • PvP and Industrial pilots that can and will help.
  • Profit Sharing Program for corp members.
  • Competent and experienced leadership.
  • Mature and respectful players.
  • Real Life comes first.
  • Alliance and Corp buy back programs for ore/Ice/PI.
  • Ship Handout Program for certain operations.
  • Skill Book Handout Program for new players.
  • Accepts players from all timezones.
  • We use Teamspeak 3, Mumble and Discord.

Join our recruitment channel CSAN Public or send an ingame mail to Aideron Audeles to get in touch with us.

With respect
Aideron Audeles

Lets go

Can say Aideron and his guys are mentl but very good fun to fly with

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Still recruiting :slight_smile:


We still want You !

Still open for business :slight_smile:

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Join now.

Still recruiting

Join now :slight_smile:

Still recruiting

Join the fun :slight_smile:

Still room for more :slight_smile:

Join up now :slight_smile:

Bring it baby

Recruiting fighters and lovers. Probably mostly fighters :slight_smile:

Join up.


Keep coming