Returning player looking for high sec industrial corp in minmatar space

I’ve been away for years and need to get my bearings ingame again. I have too many real life obligations to dedicate myself to 0.0 life so I’d like to join an industrial corp. As I’d like to run some missions now and then I’m SPECIFICALLY looking for a corp in minmatar space.

send me a mail ingame to let me know if your corp is recruiting.

I have 2-3 toons, and 135m sp

PS I don’t shy away form pvp either but want to focus on industry first

Hi Passie,

If you’re still looking message/mail me in game. Might have exactly what you’re after. Won’t offer instance corp access, but will offer chat channel so you can see if we’ve got the right type of people you want to fly with.


Hi there.
We do have most of our operations in Null, but we are looking for people that want to do some high sec activities.
look us up in game and let´s have a chat about it all.

With respect Aiden

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