Small indy/pve corp looking for a home In null

(Natalia Tiemerovna) #1

Hi there we are a small indy/pve corp looking for a home in null sec.

If anybody is renting out there please let me know


(Kam Kanno) #2

hi there
are you still looking?

(Natalia Tiemerovna) #3

Sorry. Yes been unwell. So haven’t much time thinking about it.

(Kam Kanno) #4

Understandable. - Mail me in game and we can talk about some options for what you would like to accomplish.

(Aideron Audeles) #5

Check out our ad and contact me in game if you are interested in Null life.

kind regards

(Natalia Tiemerovna) #6

can’t get in game atm. Stupid game launcher is broken Again. Now waiting the usual couple of months for CCP support so sort it out (there is no way i am reinstalling windows to fix it again)

so will look into it more when i can actually play the damn game :frowning:

(Emperor Necrology) #7

Why rent if you want a better option msg me

(system) #8

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