Small indy/pve corp looking for a home In null

Hi there we are a small indy/pve corp looking for a home in null sec.

If anybody is renting out there please let me know


hi there
are you still looking?

Sorry. Yes been unwell. So haven’t much time thinking about it.

Understandable. - Mail me in game and we can talk about some options for what you would like to accomplish.

Check out our ad and contact me in game if you are interested in Null life.

kind regards

can’t get in game atm. Stupid game launcher is broken Again. Now waiting the usual couple of months for CCP support so sort it out (there is no way i am reinstalling windows to fix it again)

so will look into it more when i can actually play the damn game :frowning:

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Why rent if you want a better option msg me

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