Old Player Returning

Hello Pilots!

I am in the market for a High Sec Corp to join. I am looking for a PvE corp that operates out of Minmatar Space. I notice you cannot filter that in the corp search feature anymore. If your corp fits that description or you know of one that does that could use another laid back PvE guy, let me know please!

Have a great day everyone!


Hey Guilt!

I think ive got just the Corporation you need.
Celestial Precision is a fast growing high sec Corporation operating in Minmatar space. We are based near to Rens, in a system that is fantastic for mining. We are building a strong industry base, and have lvl 3 missions right around the corner. There is a lowsec pocket right nearby as well, so whatever you are looking to do, we can help you to achieve it! We are a relaxed corporation with pilots from all walks of Eve life, and are run by experienced players who want people to enjoy the game just as much as we do.

If that sounds like what you are looking for, send me a message in game! Id be happy to answer any questions you may have, and hope to see you flying with us soon.


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