Recently Returned Looking for Corp

Recently returned from some time off Eve due to some health issues. Looking for somewhere to join up.

Previous experience is mainly in Highsec with a bit of Low.

I tend to do a lot of mining (Orca fleets, Asteroids) and hauling (mainly in a Charon) but also enjoy fleets, ratting, etc, just not as experienced in them. Happy to learn!

Hey my dude!

I feel like Celestial Precision would be a great fit for you. We are a fast growing corp based in high sec, run by experienced eve players of all walks of life. We are always looking for more people practiced in the art of industry. Weve got a well supported industrial side, and also have many experienced pve and pvo pilots who will go out and teach those less experienced whil having fun and making explosions. We are based near Rens, in a fantastic system with a lot of options for mining.

Throw me a mail in game if youre interested and have any questions!


@Krowwe_Ohmiras i’ve mailed you in game. Have a read for more details on what we have to offer.

Hello Krowwe and welcome back to EVE,

I would like to bring NOIR. Academy to your attention. We are a corporation of mercenaries, that pay our own pilots directly upon the successful completion of a contract. NOIR. Academy is a great way for you to learn how to PVP, FC a fleet, and specialize in a PVP role.

If you are interested, please send me a mail or a forum message, join our discord server, or join “Cafe NOIR.” in-game.

Happy hunting,
Kravma en Distel

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Hey Krowwe, Lunar Legion could be a great fit for you. We’re based in nullsec but we’re more than willing to help you to learn the ropes out here. We have mining ops multiple times a week on our r32/r64 moons, and we’ve got lots of PvP that you can get involved with if you’re interested too.

We mine and i need miners to maximize the moons we have. But we also pvp and willing to help / teach and share what we can. Come check us out!

Hey bud we got boosts and moons come check us out Renegades-Rec

Helgaswhorehouse in game channel. Join mate! I am pretty sure we can offer something you may really like o7

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