New Corporation Looking for Partners & Members

Hey guys, so I’ve played EVE on and off for about a year and have fallen in love with the Economic aspect of the game. I’ve been thinking I want to form a Corporation that operates like a real corporation. Of course this requires a big bank roll which is a curious interest of mine with EVE of what happens when you inject a sizable amount of real life currency into PLEX/ISK to fund something like this. Does it pick up interest due to the amount of ISK involved or would it fail without having a sufficient working base? That is why I wanted to post here in the forum, to see if anybody else is interested in this idea and making it work together. I already have 10B+ ISK in my personal and 1B+ in the Corp Wallet, but have considered buying a couple 100 Billion ISK worth of PLEX as a bit of an experiment if needed to make this thing roll nicely.

On to the business model itself! We would be split into 3 sections. Market Watch/Trading, Logistics/Hauling, Mining. This is the initial setup because Mining & Hauling are 2 scalable tasks we can profit off while paying workers fairly, while the Market Traders set-up buy/sell deals on behalf of the corp which when get delivered by the Logistics/Hauling division. The Logistics & Hauling division would be able to do both standard Highsec-to-Highsec hauling as well as Hauling deliveries for products purchased from our Corporations.

We would need some other higher ranking members to oversee mining operations as well as keeping an eye on the accounts for the trades. We would also need recruiters and advertisers to keep growing our pilots and clientele. Could sell out some shares eventually but I dont want to start this as a vehicle to make other investors money as I need some people to help run things hands on, who would be more than welcome to invest but once again is not needed. I hope this is written easily enough to understand, if anyone is interested to discuss further im keen to chat!

Last note, this is my current approach because Warfare is the lifeblood of EVE so theres always money to be made trading and providing the tools of war. If only there was a way we could easily buy into non-scam companies with good returns but there isn’t, so I want to build my own :slight_smile:

I have a number of things in mind to buy/sell as well as using our Traders to target profitable buy orders and matching them with a sell order we can profit off. Then using our in house Logistics fleet to deliver at a fair speed, we can buy, sell and profit over and over again finding our own buyers as well as buyers finding us. The main things we trade can eventually be sourced directly from strategic industrial partners which will enable us to fulfill bigger orders with more privacy and more efficient profit margins. So having Logisics, Trading and Mining as 3 sources of income from the get go should be a good start for us to get this vehicle off the ground. Mining and Hauling are both easy to do tasks for newbros to learn and take part in so we can easily take on heaps of newer players and teach them to operate within our frameworks while providing them decent pays.

Will you teach them how to survive,
beyond them passiveky relying on tank?

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