"The Conglomerate": a small corp project in development

this is more or less copypasta from Reddit but anyways, i’ll try to give it a proper format here.

A bit of Backstory:

the idea appeared while i was coordinating a partnered migration with another corp that was left under leadership of one of my old subordinates. we we’re gonna team up to work together in the same high sec system before a change in directive ended with us being the only ones moving up and buying the other corp’s single structure.
the plan didnt come as it was envisioned but this left me wondering if i could develop the idea further down in the future. thus the concept of the Conglomerate was born.

1. What is the Conglomerate:

im not gonna go with the RL definition of the term but somehow close. the Conglomerate is a group of corporations working between each other and in partnership in order to profit themselves alltogether while remaining indepent from each other.
for the case of EVE i was imagining it like a group of small corps that compensate their lack of active numbers and infrastructure by working together in partnership with each other.

2. Then why not just create/join an Alliance?

there’s many reasons to say on why i dont choose an Alliance over this but im gonna try to explain it short. Alliances require a lot in terms of resources (mostly ISK) and manpower to mantain, not to mention the requirements in leadership and skills in order to keep it properly managed. i dont want to deal with that so i’d rather look for a platform to team up with people and grow together without having to put a heavy charge on anyone or my own corp and without having a centralized structure that is overseeing over everyone.

3. Who can Join the Conglomerate:

im aiming for the small corps like my own, corps that only have a handfull of active players daily and only one or 2 structures that they can barely mantain due to the low income.
it doesnt matter which space you occupy as long as you have something to offer to the Conglomerate as a whole and all can come to an agreement for working with each other.

4. How it Works:

i have created a private channel for communication between CEOs, Directors and special contacts. in addition i’ve created a Discord channel for further discussion while out of the game.

there’s no entry fee or API check in order to enter as long as your corp commits to a non aggression pact, allows docking on their structures (other fees are allowed as long as they are reasonable or can be negotiated with everyone) and sets standing to blue with every corp involved inside the Conglomerate.

the Conglomerate in exchange will work as a platform for CEOs to share plans or activities like hosting PvP/Mining fleets, trading offers via contracts or discussion about investments on things like bigger structures, changes on location, etc.

this first phase is mostly about High Sec corporations but i’m open about working with Low Sec and Wormholes. Null Sec could be a possibility in the future but i dont want anything to do with Sov entities.

5. Interested?

send a message to me Villiam Kaardanen. i’ll try to fill you in on anything that i may have missed on this post.
this project was originally opened for the Spanish side of the EVE community but im opening it for english speaking corps too. so take that in mind in case you want to apply (can speak spanish and english but nothing more).

thanks for watching anyways. this is a somehow monumental task but i think it can be achieved without much issues.


I was reading about your idea and found it intriguing but cannot seem to find your toon??

here’s the toon on evewho (recycled):

here’s the topic on reddit (deleted):

seems like it may be no longer relevant

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