Looking for Corp/Alliance

Hello there,

I’m new from less than a month in this game and I immediately anticipate that I won’t be so very active here because of other games or RL things but in any case I wanted to do something else than farming low level mission or dying in FW.
I like very much the RP and I wanted to find a Gallente-affiliated player RP Corporation/Alliance. I’d like to have some informations about some of them. Currently I saw the Villore Accords could be good because apparently they showed their alliance in a more RP way (Instead filling the description with links, softwares to download…) but I’d like to have some other tips…

I have not made any corporations or alliances as of yet with this new character of mine but I am to do so.
And I am currently thinking up a ideas for my character and future corporation and alliance.
I am, with this new character trying my best with roleplaying and I am trying to write my backstory and my very own rp player made lore based on the eve lore.
Am not only writing and thinking about the backstory but I am as well thinking about my future faction that I will have.
What I am trying to say is I am going to make a corporation that is a rp player made lore based corporations --> Alliance --> Faction based on the eve lore.
If that might strike your fancy then let me know.
Let us as well know your time zone and were you are from.


Thank you for the replies and thank you in advance for further ones…

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