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Hello there.

I’m new from 3 months and actually I think I won’t be available in game for the next month due to accessibility problems but in any case I wanted to “prepare the camp”. This game had to be a small secondary alternative while I focused mainly for other games but as expected it became the main game I like to log at least once a day (If I can).
Now I knew that the first thing a newbie should do is joining in a player Corp and make as many contacts as possible to have many players to pass the time in case of boredom (and I’m a bit boring farming rats and mining) so I decided to propose here my plans and goals:

I like RP and I’m interested at general things too (PvP, PvE, mining, industry, hauling…). I prefixed an RP goal (long-term) that could also contain many different activities to realize it. The RP page is this: Project "Alexandria" (the OOC thread link is in that thread).
To realize it I wanted to form a community (indeed) with the plan to focus at this RP project and during the preparation I was interested at the Villore Accords as Alliance to join to fulfill that first “requirement” as new player (the latter can be considered a separate thing from the project mentioned before. I wanted to specify that because if I’d end to create one my Corp I’d join that in their alliance and they told me that they could accept that).
I need suggestions, advices, feedbacks and players who could be interested in this initiative. My Discord ID is Piombo65#8328

Hello @Kalodote_Lafisques,

You got an interesting idea going on there! from what i understand you are looking for members and sponsors?

But if you are looking for a place to call home - Roleplaying player made lore based upon the eve lore stories & a player government to boot. Recruiting! I am currrently recruiting activly.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Other feedback is welcome.

Check out https://backstage.eve-inspiracy.com/

Other feedback is welcome.

I-RED’s always interested in helping out in the RP scene. Someone should be in contact soon.

Thank you for the attention.
Other opinions are welcome.

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